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Content Creator Appreciation Day

Calling all Content Creators! We have a special day just for YOU!

Content Creator Appreciation Day on August 15th is the day we celebrate our content creator besties out there doing the hard work of planning, creating and sharing content to cultivate online communities. PLANOLY, a social content planner trusted by over 8 million users collectively, is launching this holiday to the social calendar that recognizes the ever-evolving role of a content creator and their importance to social media. Why? Because they deserve it, and we already have a Margarita Day!

How to Celebrate Content Creator Appreciation Day

  • Celebrate a content creator in your life on socials with hashtag #ContentCreatorDay
  • Join in on our unique trend & sound on both Instagram & TikTok @PLANOLY to be posted on August 15th
  • Join virtual events from August 15th-August 17th to learn from the experts
  • Share three months of free PLANOLY with CODE: contentcreatorday

The Evolution of a Content Creator

So why give content creators a day you ask? Well, gone are the days where a content creator’s job is just keeping up with one platform. The life of a content creator is busy from creating the concept of their social media strategy, creating videos, analyzing metrics, designing graphics, keeping up with direct messages, and so much more. They cultivate a community online through their own unique voice and personality that is both captivating and entertaining.

But before there were creators as we know them today, mostly creating magic online. Creators expressed themselves through art, books, & photos. With the internet launching in the 90s, online diaries started slowly being introduced. A decade later, people turned to blogging.

Now through the power of content creation, the creator economy is worth $250 billion in 2023 and will nearly double in size in 2027 (source: Goldman Sachs).

This is your sign to jump head first into becoming a content creator! As the industry grows, there is no better time than now to chase your dreams. Find a niche that brings you joy and share them with others. Let PLANOLY help you get started to unlock your creative genius today.

Follow @PLANOLY on socials to join us in celebrating!

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Reza Moreno

Reza Moreno is the Brand Marketing Manager at PLANOLY. She loves discovering innovative ways to represent our brand on social media. In addition to her professional work, she also leads a media publication dedicated to sustainability where she educates individuals about this topic.

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Content Creator Appreciation Day
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