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How to Find Trending Music & Audio for Instagram Reels

Wondering why that one song has been stuck in your head lately? If you’re a regular user of Instagram Reels, it’s probably because the latest trend has taken off – and more often than not, that’s because of the latest viral audio. Trending audio is a core factor in making Reels that capture attention and connect with your audience. Let’s explore how to find and use popular audio to create Reels that resonate.  

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Operating similarly to TikTok, Reels offers users a way to view short-form video content directly within the Instagram app. Instagram has been steadily releasing Reels features to entice creators to make engaging videos, create challenges and start viral trends. Creators can use hashtags, captions, text, stickers, and audio to create unique videos that connect with users, helping to boost visibility and grow their follower base.

While there are several factors that go into creating a successful Reel, use of engaging, on-trend audio is undoubtedly one of the most important in staying relevant and authentic with your audience. Correct use of an audio trend in a unique, engaging way can translate to higher engagement, further reach, and more eyes on your content – which ultimately can lead to more follows, subscriptions, and sales. 

So, how do you decide which audio trends to jump on? How do you even know which audio is currently taking off, and where do you find it? Let’s dive in.

How to Find Reels Audio

#1 Get On TikTok

Because a large amount of trending audio originates on TikTok (and it’s no secret that the platform specializes in creating viral audio trends), it’s in your best interest to stay up-to-date on the latest audio circulating TikTok. You can take note of any audio that inspires you, makes you laugh, or that you think would be relevant to your Instagram audience. Then, download these videos and re-upload the sound as an original audio on Reels.

#2 Reels Feed

Let’s be honest, you’re already often scrolling through the Reels feed.. What better way to come across audio that resonates with you than via content the Reels algorithm is already showing you? More often than not, these videos already have some traction, so content that pops up on your Reels explore page is a safe bet for audio that’s catching on. When you come across a sound you like, tap on it and it’ll take you to that audio, where you can view other videos that use it. On that page, there will be an option to “save audio,” which will add it to your personal audio collection. You can start creating with the audio directly from this page or save the audio for later. 

#3 Reels’ Audio Library

When creating a Reel in the Instagram App, you can tap on the music icon to add audio from Instagram’s own library. This will bring up a screen with audio recommendations tailored specifically for you, as well as a search bar where you can look for music or sounds. You can also access your saved audio from this menu. Odds are, if Instagram is showing you audio files, it’s because they’re trending.

PLANOLY Pro Tip: It’s important to note that this library is limited by copyright laws, so Instagram business accounts will have limited access to music through this way. You can also find another creator who has uploaded a song as an “original audio” and save it from them. 
#4 Make Your Own!

If you’ve got a favorite line from a song, TV show, pop culture moment, or movie (or even from your own life!), upload it as an original audio and use it in a Reel! Who knows, you might just go viral.

Jumping on trending audio in your Reels is vital in boosting your visibility and reaching new audiences. Not only does the Reels algorithm prioritize videos that use trending audio (meaning your content will be seen by more than your current audience and has a higher chance of being featured on the Reels feed), but by using trending audio, you are authentically connecting with your audience in a way that they understand and appreciate. Using audio trends is a great way to demonstrate that you are culturally relevant to your audience while showing off the light-hearted, scrappier, more relatable side of your brand, which is what newer generations value.  So, don’t be afraid to jump on trends that fit your brand identity and show off your personality! However, be selective with your audio trends. It’s more important to be authentic by using audio that makes sense for you rather than to jump on a trend for the sake of jumping on a trend;and your audience will know the difference. Find audio that resonates with you, figure out how to make it resonate with your audience, and run with it. 

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