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Twitter is Now X, What Does This Mean for Brands?

Elon Musk announced his acquisition of Twitter in 2022. Since then, the platform has undergone significant changes, including a new name, logo, and color scheme that dramatically departs from the company's iconic legacy branding. The changes brewing at Twitter, now called 'X,' have many social media managers and business owners seeking clarification about the platform's future and whether it's worth riding the tide until it settles. Ultimately, the answer to this question is nuanced, but here is everything you need to know about the massive changes happening at X and what it means for your brand's social media presence on the platform.

What We’re Talking About

Elon Musk Teases Major Twitter Changes

Since his acquisition, Elon Musk has teased plans to turn Twitter into an 'everything app.' It didn't take long for him to start making significant changes to the platform soon after. These changes included replacing certified blue verification badges for celebrities and influencers with the option for anyone to buy a verified badge via the paid membership Twitter Blue. Changes also included Topic tags, which enable users to follow topics they're interested in. While these changes were major topics of conversation, other significant changes like the 'government-funded' labels added to select news site Twitter accounts and alleged plans to remove the 'block' feature garnered considerable criticism. Still, nothing created a frenzy as massive as the one that transpired when the announcement was made that Twitter is now 'X.'

Elon Musk initially teased that something was coming back in April of 2023 when we shared a tweet that simply read 'X.'


He announced that Twitter would now be X on July 22, 2023.


The following day, he announced that the social media platform's interim logo would go live, officially sunsetting the traditional blue bird logo we know and love.  


The onslaught of reactions to the news from celebrities, brands, and everyday users was immediate.


Meanwhile, others defended the rebrand decision…


... Elon Musk responded to the widespread reactions by emphasizing his vision for the future of the platform:


What Do The Changes Mean for Creators and Brands?

Expect a dip in follower growth and least for a while

It's estimated that Twitter will use 32 million daily users in the next two years due to the changes to the platform - and many of these people can include your audience. If you notice a dip in engagement and growth, don't panic. However, fewer brands on the platform could also mean less competition and more opportunities to stand out in a usually crowded network. Continue to nurture your existing audience and introduce campaigns that help you migrate your following to owned channels such as your email list.

Expect changes to continue coming...especially for Twitter Blue users

Elon Musk has enormous plans for the platform, so assume the changes are still ongoing. Prepare for the unexpected, and again, prioritize moving your audience over to more secure channels, such as an email list you own.

Twitter Blue has several perks, including the option to upload videos up to 2 hours in length. If you've already opted for the Twitter Blue subscription, this is a great time to test these new features and see if there are any opportunities to expand how you engage and nurture your audience on the platform.

3 Ways You Can Adapt to the Changes at Twitter Formerly X

#1 Prioritize social listening: This moment is a great opportunity to stay in tune with your audience regarding their sentiments around the rebrand and how they interact with your brand on the platform.

#2 Focus on community and conversation: The best thing you can use X for amidst its manu changes is nurturing a deeper connection and sense of community with your audience.

#3 Test out new features: X has announced several new features lately - especially for Twitter Blue members. Be sure to keep up with new features and test them to see if they can support you in evolving how you engage and interact with your audience online.

#4 Focus your efforts on other platforms: While the dust around X settles, investing the time and energy you typically put into Twitter on different platforms could be worthwhile. Simplify your strategy on X and refocus your efforts on other platforms you might be utilizing.

Pro Tip: A great way to simplify your strategy on X is ALWAYS to plan ahead AND schedule ahead! PLANOLY has an auto-post feature that makes it easy to prepare, batch, and post consistently.


Right now, X feels a lot like the Wild Wild West than one of our time's longest-standing and beloved social media platforms. All the same, if you've managed to establish a healthy audience on this platform, it's worthwhile to focus on nurturing them over everything. Remember: it's about the PEOPLE, not the PLATFORM!

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