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What Is Lemon8?

What is Lemon8? The Newbie in Town

We got a new kid on the block taking over the social media industry. Lemon8 is a brand new app on the market and is the sister brand to TikTok, owned by the same parent company Bytedance. Its popularity in the U.S rose at the same time buzz around a TikTok ban circulated.

The app isn’t quite new, it’s just new to the US market. After a week landing on the US app store, it became #1 in the App Store for lifestyle apps.

So let’s break down everything you need to know about this new app and whether it’s worth joining as a brand.

What Type of Content is on Lemon8?

Just like Instagram, Lemon8 is all about the aesthetic. The content is more about lifestyle from beauty tips to recipes. The one difference is that after one quick glance in your ‘For You’ section you can find posts of images with titles in pretty cool fonts to describe the type of post it is.

For instance, you can find a photo of Trader Joe’s grocery bags with the title ‘Easy Dinner From Trader Joes’ on it with a carousel of other images to share recipe ideas using products. It feels like a cross over between Instagram and Pinterest, but gives more content up front with what type of content you are looking at.

The fonts are what really drives Lemon8, so check out a few aesthetic font apps we threw together for you to download.

The Pros of Joining

As a brand, there are many reasons why it’s great to join a new platform. First off, even if Lemon8 doesn’t seem to be as big as Instagram yet, that doesn’t mean it won’t grow in a couple of years. Just like TikTok did when back in 2019 everyone thought it was for kids, and now it's one of the biggest apps ever. Don’t you wish you joined back then to follow the growth of the platform?

Check out these reasons on why you should join now and reap the benefits later.

  • This would be a great opportunity for research
  • To understand what consumers want in a new market
  • A place to experiment with different type of content
  • Grow a following & claim your brand name before it’s too late
  • To be ahead of the curve, especially with TikTok’s potential ban looming

The Types of Creators/Industries on Lemon8

As of now, it’s still uncertain how creators and brands can monetize their content on the app. That’s not to say there won’t be a way in the near future, as advertising and shopping on TikTok was introduced down the road after it grew to popularity a few years ago.

Although it seems like brands aren’t as active on the app yet, Lemon8 has more lifestyle content creators sharing their lifestyle tips and tricks and slowly growing their following for when the monetization features come.

“ByteDance is trying to get critical mass for network effects and leveraging its built-in community of TikTok creators to drive downloads of Lemon8. If their pre-launch efforts – [which have involved] amassing the support of hundreds of content creators – are any indication of what’s to come, Lemon8 is going to see tremendous growth in the US over the next few months,” says Teresa Day, president of Planoly, a social content planning and scheduling tool for The Drum.

So have you given Lemon8 a try yet? What do you think this means for the fate of IG & TikTok?

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