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How to Plan Video Content in PLANOLY

Did you know that PLANOLY has the video planning tools you need to take your content creation to new heights? In this article, learn more about the video planning features available right at your fingertips and stay tuned for even more exciting features to come this summer.

Top Features for Planning Your Video Content

Plan, Edit, and Post

It’s true! You can plan, edit, and post your video content with PLANOLY. Using our web dashboard and/or mobile app, explore our video planning features below supporting your multi-channel content strategy.

Before we dive into our Instagram Planner and Pin Planner, check out some ways PLANOLY supports your video planning so you can better organize and save time.

  • Plan your content anytime, anywhere by uploading videos right from your phone, computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive.
  • Edit your videos by cutting and combining clips, adding filters, and more with our advanced video editor on the mobile app.
  • Schedule reminders to post for Instagram Story posts.

Work Around Blockers to Uploading  

  • No video? No worries! Haven’t recorded or processed your video yet but want to plan your grid around future content? Add a grid placeholder for video content you’re still working on.
  • Discover new content ideas using the PLANOLY social calendar, which includes monthly holidays and observances to help you plan in advance and stay on top of trending topics.
  • Keep track of video content ideas using our digital sticky notes. Never lose tabs on your great ideas!
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Optimize Your Video Performance

  • Grow your video reach by adding saved hashtag groups to your caption using our hashtag manager.
  • Evolve your video strategy based on data and advanced insights about content performance–including views, saves, and more–using our Analyze Feature.

Reels Planner

It’s clear that the future of Instagram is REEL-y focused on video, and our Reels Planning features make it even easier to simplify your Instagram strategy!

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Upload a Cover Photo

In addition to the video planning features mentioned above, with Reels you have the opportunity to select and upload a cover photo that aligns with your grid aesthetic, instead of a still from the video. 

Schedule & Repurpose Content

Plan ahead and schedule a reminder email or push notification to post your Reel when it’s ready! Once you publish your Reel to Instagram, it will save to your phone and you can repurpose your videos for TikTok.

Keep Your Grid Up-to-Date

You also don't have to manually import Reels to your PLANOLY grid. Once your Reel is published, your grid will automatically update so you can continue visually planning your content.


Pin Planner

Last but certainly not least, ​​build your Pinterest video strategy with PLANOLY’s Pin Planner. On Pin Planner, you can upload, schedule, and publish static and video Pins to Pinterest. Plus, the visual library makes it easier than ever to organize and plan your Pins. 

Using our campaigns feature, you can bulk schedule Pins and manage hundreds of images and videos across multiple Pinterest boards - giving you an ever-present voice on Pinterest. 

Learn more about uploading videos when scheduling campaigns on Pin Planner, and find more tips here for additional ways to maximize your Pinterest video strategy.

As you can see, there are many ways to elevate your social video strategy with PLANOLY. While there’s already so much to explore, we’re always finding new ways to expand our features to save you time and make social content planning easier. Keep your eyes peeled for a big splash feature release this summer!

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