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How to Plan TikTok Content with PLANOLY

As a social media manager, we know that TikTok is a primary part of your social strategy. Short-form video content has taken over social media, and we’ve designed our latest features to help you work smarter, not harder while growing your brand or clients’ engagement and reach.

With PLANOLY’s video planning tools. you can simplify getting from idea to post by planning all of your TikTok content in one place (plus, repurposing this content for Instagram Reels, Pinterest Video Pins, and YouTube Shorts!). 

Ready to take your video planning to the next level? Let’s explore our latest addition to PLANOLY!

Developed in partnership with leading social media managers, our multi-channel workspace is easy-to-use and simplifies your social marketing strategy by helping you ideate, create, and schedule video content for your brand or clients. Use your workspace to focus on video content, or create a holistic strategy of all your social content all in the same place.


Whether you’re a new or seasoned social strategist, every content creator starts at square one–deciding what content to post. Dive into what’s currently trending for audio, hashtag, and video ideas and transitions as you build out your TikTok strategy each week with our weekly social trends feature. 

Available in the PLANOLY social calendar on your web dashboard or mobile app, our video trend recommendations are curated at the beginning of each week by social media experts to shorten your research period, AKA the never-ending scroll, and save you precious planning time.


Next, link your TikTok account from your Web Dashboard or Mobile App to get started. Upload content to your video library from your phone, computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox to visually map out all of your upcoming posts in one place. From there, add captions, hashtags, and trending audio links for TikTok. Schedule your video to auto-post to TikTok at a selected date and time or schedule a reminder when it’s time to post, and never miss a trend! 

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Invite team members to plan or collaborate on upcoming video posts directly in PLANOLY. From the Web Dashboard, click on the "INVITE" button in the top right-hand corner. Then, add your team member's name & email address. You can also choose which social accounts they have access to. Collaborating within PLANOLY makes it easy for multiple people to upload videos all in one place, plus easily draft and review captions & content together.


Make the most out of your video content. Easily increase the reach of your TikTok content when you repurpose your video content for Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts & Pinterest Idea Pins. Simply customize your captions by clicking on the social channel tabs at the top of the post scheduling page and turning the "Enable" toggle on. Then, schedule the reminder notification, and voila! Your cross-channel video planning workflow has been simplified. 


Once all your content is ready to go, you can post from anywhere through the PLANOLY Mobile App. You’ll be alerted via mobile push notification when it’s time to post, then you can easily copy and paste captions into all your video channels from PLANOLY, plus audio URLs for TikTok!

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When you click on the reminder notification, you’ll be taken to a “Ready to Post” screen in the App. You’ll be able to copy your captions (as well as sound URLs for TikTok) and import your video to each platform to finish posting your content by selecting the “Copy & Open” button for each platform. 

Once you’ve finished posting, you can select the “Mark as Completed” button from the same “Ready to Post” screen on your Mobile App. Your video will then move to the “Completed” tab in Video Planner.


With the amount of content inspo and new trends that you find every day on TikTok, it can be hard to track and refer back to all of the ideas you want to use for your own content. For this reason, we created the ability to save audio & video URLs directly into PLANOLY from the TikTok app!

When you’re ready to plan, repurpose, or apply these ideas to your brand or client's brands, all of the ideas you save will be added to the "Ideas" tab for easy access. You can save a note with each idea for a reminder of how you'd like to repurpose it later. Learn more about how to use this feature here.

We’re just getting started, so stay tuned for exciting features to come supporting more channels and additional planning capabilities. 

Between platform updates, staying on top of the latest trends, and managing a complex planning system in order to successfully do your job, it feels like Social Media Managers and creators just can’t catch a break! Save time and streamline your social marketing strategy instead with PLANOLY. Get started today

For more resources, visit our Help Guide or check out A Social Media Manager’s Guide to Video Strategy. 

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How to Plan TikTok Content with PLANOLY
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