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How to Auto-Post on TikTok Using PLANOLY

It’s no surprise that TikTok continues to dominate the social media space. With over 1 billion users, the app has been downloaded over 210 million times in the United States. Consider this your sign to start posting content on TikTok for your brand or business if you aren’t already. While managing another social channel will inevitably add more work to your plate, PLANOLY is here to simplify your social media workflow as much as possible.

If you’re looking for ways to save time posting TikTok videos, it’s time to start auto-posting your content to TikTok with PLANOLY. Say goodbye to manually posting content, setting alarms on the weekend, and being attached to your phone every moment of the day. With auto-posting through PLANOLY, any TikTok account (business or personal!) can schedule content via PLANOLY and auto-post.

Why Auto-Posting for TikTok Matters

It’s hard to plan all of your content in advance. Trends pop up every day that you may want to hop on right away. However, supplementing this “trending” content with evergreen videos - tutorials, behind-the-scenes, event footage, storytelling about your business & more can be really powerful. It helps you to establish a consistent presence on TikTok and can also be really popular content with the TikTok algorithm. If you’re able to batch-film this content and get it scheduled to auto-post in advance, you’ll have more time to strategically plan other parts of your business or hop on a new video trend.

How to Auto-Post to TikTok with PLANOLY

In order to access auto-posting to TikTok, you’ll need to create an account with PLANOLY. Auto-posting does not currently require a paid plan; however, you’ll find more time-saving features and unlimited planning if you upgrade to a paid plan. If you’re not sure if it’s the right fit for you, you can always start with a free trial.

Once you’re in PLANOLY, here’s how to access it:

- Link a TikTok account (personal or business).

- Click “+ NEW POST” to upload a video.

- Draft your caption.

- Select a date & time.

- Click save.

After you’ve saved your post, it will be scheduled to go live on the date & time you selected. Plus, you’ll receive a notification from the PLANOLY Mobile App on that day and time to confirm that the content has been published.

PLANOLY Pro Tip: You can also repurpose your video for Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts & Pinterest Idea Pins while you’re scheduling your TikTok video. Simply click on the additional tabs and add dates and times. We do not support auto-posting for these channels…yet.

Things to Keep in Mind for Auto-Posting to TikTok

TikTok does have certain requirements when it comes to auto-posting content. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

- The video file type must be .mp4, .mov or .webm.

- The maximum video size is 1 GB.

- The minimum video duration must be 3 seconds, and the maximum video duration is 60 seconds.

- The height and width of the video both must be at least 360 pixels.

- The minimum frame rate of the video must be 23 FPS, and maximum frame rate is 60 FPS.

- The audio content must be included in the video file; external sound URLs are not supported with auto-posting.

At PLANOLY, our mission is to simplify social marketing, and with auto-posting for TikTok we’re excited to continue fulfilling that promise.

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