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Troubleshooting Auto-Post Issues with PLANOLY

With PLANOLY, there are a lot of auto-posting options. PLANOLY allows you to auto-post Instagram content and automatically re-share to Facebook & Twitter. You can also auto-publish content for TikTok or Pinterest.

Even though auto-posting is a lifesaver, it can be extremely frustrating when it’s not working properly. We've spent the last few months enhancing our tools to better support you in every auto-post you schedule, including:

#1 Enhancing our auto-post system so that it's more reliable and drastically reduces the number of failed posts. We've done this through a series of improvements, including automatically re-trying to post your content again before reaching out to you.

#2 Proactive communication when an auto-post fails or is at risk of failing. We'll send an email or push notification immediately if we can't auto-post for you, so your posts aren't missed, and content can still go live on time.

#3 Adding new tips to our post scheduling page that makes it easy to know if your content is ready for auto-post or needs a tweak or two.

If you’re just starting out with auto-posting here are a few tips for each social channel:


- Link an Instagram Business or Creator Account (this is something you can change in Instagram settings for your account)

- Connect a Facebook Business Page with your Instagram Business or Creator Account

- Make sure you're an admin for the Facebook Business Page

- Check that PLANOLY is listed under Business Integrations on Facebook with all toggles turned on

- Make sure your media is eligible for auto-post (i.e. the right size & file type)


- Link a Pinterest Business Account

- Make sure your media is eligible for auto-post (i.e. the right size & file type)

- Be aware that Pinterest reviews all video content, so there will be a delay when auto-posting videos


- Link a TikTok Personal or Business Account

- Make sure your media is eligible for auto-post (i.e. the right size & file type)

If you’re still receiving errors when auto-posting, here’s a more in depth explanation of what the errors mean and how to fix them. You’re also welcome to reach out to our customer support team here.

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