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PLANOLY TikTok Live Q&A with Sydneyonsocials Recap

In case you missed it! We are recapping our first ever TikTok Live Q&A with @sydneyonsocials. Sydney is a social media coach who specializes in video content and joined us to share her wealth of knowledge for getting started on TikTok. So follow along to discover how to plan and create TikTok content that’s sure to make an impact. Plus, how to use our Video Planner to streamline your TikTok planning. 

Who is Sydney On Socials? 

Sydney is a social media coach who has an extensive social media background. She started working in social media for a few companies and decided to extend her social media skills to family and friends who needed to grow their business online. As she started taking on more clients she decided to leave her normal 9 to 5 job and do social media consulting full time. Her business model evolved from just scheduling content to coming up with her client’s full content strategy and content inspiration. 

How She Approaches Video Content Strategy 

Since transitioning and expanding her business to cover more strategic and creative efforts on social media, she’s creative a TikTok account called @sydneysonsocial that’s completely dedicated to teaching her followers and audience about social media. It’s just like an inside scoop to what she shares with her clients she works with. Here are a few of her key takeaways: 

#1 Make Relatable Content to Target Multiple Audiences 

For many people on social, it’s easy to make your content relatable to one persona. But Sydney disagrees. In our TikTok Live she shares how she tries not to be exclusive to social media managers because she knows a lot of business owners and creators are searching for these tips to. Sydney Share,

“I was making content that was relatable to people who want to create content using a content planner and that’s not just for social media managers.” She goes on. “It made it less negative and lead to a lot more people coming to my profile and consuming my content.” 

#2 Utilize Tools - You Don’t Have to Do It Alone! 

With video content on the rise, many social media managers, business owners, and creators are having to re-strategize in order to fit video content in their content strategy. However, video content sometimes takes a little more time than regular static content. Which is why Sydney believes it’s crucial to use planners to manage and organize all your ideas and content. 

PLANOLY’s Video Planner is equipped with Video Ideas Management and it happens to be Sydney’s favorite tool.  Use the Ideas Manager on Video Planner to keep video content ideas and inspiration in one place. While scrolling through TikTok, you can save favorite TikTok video & audio URLs to PLANOLY and add notes as a reminder for how you want to repurpose it later. Plus! You can even add team members to Video Planner to help review and edit content before sharing. It’s perfect for sharing with clients for approval. 

#3 Experiment On Different Platforms 

Social media is always changing so it’s good to discover what works for your brand on different platforms.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket on one platform,” Sydney shares,
“Audiences change and platforms change, you don’t want to be at the expense of just one platform. You’re already spending a lot of time making these videos that you should upload to other platforms.”

For example, Sydney recently shared a TikTok video on YouTube Shorts and it ended up getting much more reach than it did on TikTok. This experiment taught her it’s okay to experiment on different platforms and not just one. Running social media tests are the best way to create a strong and engaging content strategy. With PLANOLY’s Video Planner, you can upload content and pick a date and time to post and pick which platforms to upload to and you’ll get a reminder notification for posting. This is a gamechanger for people needing to keep track of their content and which days you need to post.

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Carrie Boswell

Carrie Boswell is the Digital Marketing Content Specialist at PLANOLY. She is always finding ways to include pop culture and the Gen Z perspective into the content we create for marketers and small business owners.

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