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How to Save & Manage Your Content Ideas in PLANOLY

With the amount of content inspiration and new trends that you find every day on TikTok, it can be hard to track and refer back to all of the ideas you want to use for your own content. If you’ve always wanted a centralized place to review and brainstorm your saved content, look no further! With PLANOLY’s “Ideas Manager”, you’ll never lose track of a good idea again. We’re excited to share more about how the Ideas Manager was designed to help you save and manage content in PLANOLY.

That’s right–planning for future content just got even easier. You can save time planning, coming up with, and keeping track of content ideas by accessing Ideas from the Web Dashboard or Mobile App in PLANOLY.

Whether you’re at home or on the go, you’ll be able to save all kinds of content into the Ideas Manager at any time through the Web Dashboard or Mobile App. Plus, you’ll be able to include a note so you can jot down how you’d like to use or repurpose the idea for a future video. Here’s how to do it all through PLANOLY!

How to Save & Organize Ideas

From your Web Dashboard, add and organize ideas by clicking on the “Create” pencil icon on the left side of your multi-channel workspace. Then click, “Ideas”. You’ll be able to add ideas by clicking “+ NEW IDEA” at the top. This includes images, videos, links (including sound URLs!), or text-only notes. You can also organize ideas into folders. It’s also important to note that any idea you save from the TikTok Mobile App will automatically be added to your Ideas tab on Web. We’ll share more about that later.

How to Create a Content Bank

With the Ideas Manager, you can create groups of content under similar themes using folders. Organize content ideas by each pillar for your brand - b-roll footage, memes, educational content, quotes & inspiration, seasonal content & more. This way, you have a “bank” of ideas to pull from when you’re ready to actually create or film the content. Say goodbye to content creator’s block - you’ll always have another idea to post.

How to Share Ideas with Your Team

With PLANOLY, you can also collaborate with team members. This includes sharing and brainstorming content ideas. Each team member that has access to your workspace will be able to add ideas of their own. Plus, you can easily share an idea with a team member by hovering over an idea on Web and clicking the 3 dots, then selecting “copy link”. You can share that link with anyone who has access to your workspace. This is a great way to share a video or image that you want a team member (or client) to recreate for upcoming content.

How to Save Video Ideas from the TikTok Mobile App

Instead of saving content to endless folders in TikTok, easily share it directly to PLANOLY with a note. This way, you can remember why you saved an idea and include some thoughts on how you might repurpose it for your own brand. When you find something you want to save for later, click the “share” arrow. Find the “PLANOLY” app, add notes to remind yourself of how you might want to repurpose the trend, and then click “Upload.” This idea will be saved to your Ideas Manager for future reference.

Turn Your Ideas Into Posts

Once you're ready to bring your idea to life, you can start scheduling your content with Planoly. After clicking on "+ NEW POST", you'll be able to select from your ideas as a source for your content. If your ideas contain actual content you want to use on social, it's easy to simply move content from ideas to post. Your ideas are now a streamlined part of your workflow to save you time when planning and scheduling. Never forget to post a good idea again!

We designed the Ideas Manager with content creators and social media managers in mind so that scrolling through TikTok can become a more productive part of your day. We also know that it can be hard to constantly have your next content idea ready to go. With the Ideas Manager, you’ll have content waiting for you. If you’re not sure where to get started, you can always take a peek at our weekly trending content and save it to your Ideas. There are endless ways to use the Ideas Manager to better keep track of and organize all of your content. We can’t wait to see how you use it!

Please note: You can view and create text-only ideas on the Mobile App. More features are coming soon to the Mobile App Ideas Manager - so stay tuned!

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