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10 Video Content Ideas to Try

There are two main types of content - trending and evergreen. Trending is just that - hot at the moment. On the other hand, evergreen content is always relevant. Both are powerful content types and working with them together creates a stronger social media presence. In this blog we’ll share the power of evergreen video content and 10 video content ideas to try that will always be valuable to your audience.

Trending vs. Evergreen

Brainstorming video content ideas is no small feat — especially with various social media trends involved.  Researching and keeping up with the latest video trends to come up with enough trending content ideas for the week is time-consuming and can be challenging., But it doesn’t have to be! That’s why creating a few different content buckets for your video content can help you plan and ideate so you can create and post more efficiently.

A content powerhouse, evergreen content bypasses the whole trend-following cycle by relying on always-relevant concepts that are easy to reuse again and again.  Not to mention, Reels and TikToks are also prone to circulating long after their post date. So, posting evergreen content in these formats is a great way to continue attracting new audience members with your video content for weeks and months to come.

How Evergreen Content Is Relatable and Entertaining

Now, we know what you might be thinking, how will your evergreen content be relatable and entertaining to your audience without using a video trend as the concept? Well, for starters not all content has to be funny or trendy. In fact, sometimes the best videos are totally unique in that they’re able to stand out in your video feed because they don’t use a certain trending audio or they teach someone something new.

Once you decide on a few different content buckets, you can start creating content users will want to share and save to later reference. If you’re not quite sure where to get started planning your video content buckets, here are a two examples:

  • Business: If you’re a business that sells products or services that need educating the consumer, then you would create a content bucket for product education. This video content should center around showing customers and followers how to use your product.
  • Social Media or Brand Agency: If you’re an agency who specializes in Instagram content, then share weekly videos that center around Instagram marketing hacks. These hacks are sharable and can lead to potential new clients since you’re showing them you know what you’re a credible marketer who knows what they’re talking about.

Implementing this type of content into your calendar is super important for those trying to get the most bang for their buck when it comes to content creation. This is because the content continues to be relevant long after the latest trend becomes old news.

10 Evergreen Video Content Ideas to Try Right Now

#1 Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes content is arguably the most convenient source of evergreen content for brands. Why? You’re always doing something for your business. Pulling back the curtain and filming that for your audience lets you accomplish multiple goals;, creating content that will remain relevant no matter what memes and TikTok sounds are circulating the web and connecting with your audience in a way only behind the scenes videos can do.

#2 Day In the Life

Like behind-the-scenes content mentioned above, day-in-the-life content is another video concept that’s easy to throw together during busy weeks. Simply film what you do throughout your day as a small business owner, add some spunky music (and maybe a voiceover, too), and post! You can even sneak in product plugs in a natural, organic way.

#3 Answer FAQs

Every business owner has that same set of questions they are asked over and over and over again. Collect these questions into a list and answer them all, rapid-fire style, in one quick video. You can even ask your audience if they have any questions to add to the mix. Once the video is up, you can direct future askers to that video.

#4 Product Spotlights

Share a video highlighting one of your products, whether it be a new release or a long-time favorite. Short-form video is the perfect format for showing your audience what your product can do in a relatable way.

#5 User-Generated Content

User-generated content is always a good one to add to your content mix. Customers discussing your brand, products, etc. easily garner the trust of new audience members. When your target audience sees similar users raving about your products, they might just become customers themselves.

#6 Educate Your Audience

Video content educating your followers on a topic relevant to your niche is a solid way to fill the gaps in your content calendar with interesting content that provides your followers with value. Be that expert they are looking for!

#7 Storytime

Everyone loves a good story. Maybe you had an interesting customer interaction or a funny incident at work. Whatever the case may be, sharing entertaining stories is a great way to entertain your audience while building brand awareness.

#8 Tutorials/Life Hacks

Life hacks are a plenty on TikTok and Instagram. Teach your audience how to use your products or how to accomplish a difficult task relevant to your industry. If your hack is helpful enough, it may even go viral and inspire a trend of its own.

#9 Something That Just Makes Sense

This sound is a great format for sharing tidbits about your products or workspace that just make sense. It’s the perfect opportunity to present the value you have to offer. Show your audience how you can make their lives easier.

#10 Your “Why”

People love a brand with a purpose. Sharing the reason why you do what you do humanizes your brand, making connecting with you and your products easier for your target audience.

These 10 ideas we just looked at are examples of totally evergreen content and can exist on their own for an unlimited length of time. However, if you want to use popular audios you can and it still will be relevant for weeks and months to come. If you need any more help filling up your content calendar then don’t forget to check out all the tools PLANOLY offers to make conquering your social strategy easier. One recent tool we made for you is  the caption kit and content marketplace. Download it today to help with your evergreen video content creation. Ready. And ACTION!

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