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Top 5 Ideas for Summer Social Media Content

For brands, creators, and business owners, it's easy to find yourself in a creative rut during the summer when all you can think about is enjoying the warm weather, traveling, or simply relaxing. But even if your sights are set on beach bumming in the summer sun, it's imperative to maintain a consistent social media presence year-round to keep your brand top of mind for your ideal audience. That's why content planning can’t go on the back burner  during the summer months.

If you feel a sense of the summer social media scaries coming on, don't worry: we've developed a list of summer-ready content ideas you should share on social media.

#1 Lifestyle Content  

What do you have planned for this summer? A festival or two, a trip out of the country, or a restful staycation? Whatever it is, you can turn these amazing summer memories into highly engaging content for social media.

Take a few minutes to capture small bits of 'b-roll' footage that you can put together for a mini vlog or photo dump. These videos are popular on social media and will surely be a hit! If you sell products, make sure they make a cameo in your videos so you can showcase your products in the wild. If you're a service provider, use your caption and messaging to connect your content to the core topics you typically discuss on social media with a fresh summer twist.

#2 Community & Connection Driven Content

While educational content is typically non-negotiable for creating valuable content for your audience, the summer season is about nurturing social media relationships and humanizing your brand. Think about it: many people in your audience will be doing the same thing you are: enjoying experiences and spending less time on social media. So when they are active on social media, they're more likely to prefer content that engages and entertains over content that is more long-form and educational.

Give your audience a deeper look into the person behind your brand, your ideas about relevant topics, or mindset shifters that enlighten your audience. Not only is this content valuable, but it's sure to make your audience eager to cultivate deeper connections with you, which is a major win!

#3 Behind-the-Scenes Content

Behind-the-scenes content is like your brand's version of a reality television show - and let's face it, reality television is everyone's guilty pleasure! It gives your audience a deeper look into the inner workings of your brand and makes them feel more invested in your projects when you've brought them along for the journey of bringing them to life. You can share the behind-the-scenes of you and your team, the behind-the-scenes of you planning an event or even the behind-the-scenes of a personal milestone. Give your audience a peek behind the curtain of your business, and you're sure to gain brand loyalists for life.

#4 Gameified & Memeified Content

Remember: your audience is likely to spend less time on social media and are likely to prefer shorter and more engaging, interactive content. So upping the ante on content like gamified posts and memes is a great idea. These posts are highly engaging for your audience and much easier to make, saving you time and increasing engagement. Talk about a win-win!

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#5 Promotional Content

No matter the time of year, you should always promote your products, services, and offerings. Especially when there are an influx of summer promos and sales. Social media aims to build a brand community and support your marketing efforts. So Always remind your audience of what you offer and how your offerings can solve an essential problem they have.

Your promotional content can be as simple as reminding people what services you offer, highlighting new products in stock, or showing your customers using your products in the wild. Whatever approach you decide, always include a clear call to action that informs your audience on how they can support your business.

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