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TikTok’s New Top Music Feature

While TikTok has gained its fair share of competition since thrusting short-form video into the spotlight back in 2020, the clock app still reigns supreme. This could be thanks to its ever-evolving suite of creative features, including the most recent addition.

The #NewMusic feature is a global music discovery hub with the Jonas Brothers and Miguel as featured artists. What does that mean and what does it do? We’re about to find out.

Introducing #NewMusic on TikTok

From the #NewMusic announcement:

“Music is at the heart of the TikTok experience. It's a place where fans can discover new music, artists can connect with fans, and music lovers can build a community. 🎵🎤”

The #NewMusic feature is a dedicated space for artists around the world to showcase their new songs to TikTok users. This hub for new releases will help artists reach new fans while making it easier for TikTok users to fuel creativity with new music. Users will likely hear new releases on the #NewMusic tab that they’ve never heard elsewhere.

TikTok partnered with the Jonas Brothers and Miguel to launch the feature, which is why you’ve probably been hearing the JoBro’s “Waffle House” and Miguel’s new track “Give it to Me” all over your FYP.

TikTok was built on music discovery. In fact, the app was known as pre-merger. Here’s what Paul Hourican has to say about it:

“TikTok is already a destination for artists who want to preview their newest works, and for music fans looking to discover new music, and this new feature will give artists a new way to connect with our global community. It presents an exciting opportunity to inspire artist creativity, spark connections, and foster a diverse musical landscape that embraces the unique talents and passions of artists and fans worldwide.”

It sounds like #NewMusic is TikTok’s way of revisiting the core of what made their app special.

How to Use the #NewMusic feature, Step By Step

To use the #NewMusic feature, all you have to do is type New Music into the TikTok search bar. You’ll be presented with the #NewMusic hub where you can click through three tabs:

  • Featured: New music TikTok is featuring.
  • Trending: Music that is popping off on TikTok right now.
  • Discover: New music you’re likely to enjoy.

Navigating the hub is as easy as clicking a tab and scrolling. You’ll find trending sounds right below.

How Brands Can Use the #NewMusic Feature

The new music hashtag already had 18 billion views prior to the hub’s launch. At the time of writing, it reached 22.9 billion views. This feature is capitalizing on a hashtag that was already getting a lot of traction. Your audience is using this hashtag to discover new music and fuel their content inspiration. You can too.

Brands can use #NewMusic to discover new sounds their audience will love. If you can get into the minds of your audience, you can start creating content with new music they love before they’ve even discovered it themselves. In fact, your brand could become the conduit between your audience and their next favorite song.

Here are some benefits of using the #NewMusic feature:

  • Find trending audio: The #NewMusic hub is a place where you can find trending audio to inspire your content without spending hours scrolling through your FYP.
  • Hop on trends early: Because it’s a hub for new music, adapting trends you find through the #NewMusic hub may earn you the prize of early adaptation.
  • Support new artists: New artists can use the #NewMusic hub to gain traction. Using their sounds boosts their brand awareness. You can support newcomers and potentially form partnerships with them down the road.

In Summary

The #NewMusic hub is a great place for brands to discover new music their fans will love. If you’ve been suffering creative burnout, the endless supply of new and trendy sounds could be just what you need.

However, if you’re low on time or don’t want to hop on your phone and scroll through, PLANOLY’s Trending content ideas feature has your back.

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