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Plan, Schedule and Auto-Post Your Instagram Reels on PLANOLY

Over 2 billion people engage with Instagram Reels every month. Reels have become the biggest contributor to engagement growth on Instagram. If you’re looking to drive more brand awareness or engagement with your content, it’s important to incorporate Instagram Reels into your social content strategy.

With PLANOLY, you can upload video content, plan, organize, and auto-post your Reels. If you’re looking to focus primarily on Instagram, our Instagram planning workspace will allow you to visually plan your Reels and incorporate them into your grid. Plus, you can schedule them to publish automatically.

If you’re looking to plan video content across channels, our video planning workspace gives you the flexibility to repurpose your videos across Instagram Reeks, TikTok, Youtube Shorts & Pinterest Idea Pins. You can schedule a reminder notification to post your video content when it's time, so you never miss a post.


How to Plan Instagram Reels with PLANOLY

Visually Plan Instagram Content

Use our Instagram visually planning workspace to plan all of your Instagram content - including Reels, static posts, carousel posts, stories & more. If you want to set up your Instagram Reels to auto-post, follow the steps below.

Step #1: Open PLANOLY and tap the “+ New Post” button

Step #2: Choose a source and upload a video

Step #3: Select “Upload as a Reel

Step #4: Select your file and click “Upload” - your Reel has now been uploaded to your grid as an unscheduled post!

Step #5: From your grid, click on your Reel and choose a date and time to auto-post your Reel.

Step #6: Your Reel post will be auto-posted to Instagram via PLANOLY

Step #7: Once you auto-post a Reel via PLANOLY, your Reel will be automatically shared to your grid and Reels tab on Instagram.

Please note: Due to Instagram limitations, auto-posting is only available for Instagram Business & Creator accounts. Also, Reels scheduled for auto-posting can’t include a cover image or link to a specific sound.

Here are a few workarounds to help:

#1 Upload your video into PLANOLY with the sound already included + any edits you need.

#2 Add the cover image through Instagram once your Reel has been published.

#3 Skip auto-posting & set a reminder to post. We’ll notify you from the Mobile App and help you easily copy & paste the content into Instagram.

Plan Video Content Across Social Channels

Maximize the performance of your video content by planning it across channels. In our video planning workspace, you can plan 1 video across Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, TikTok & Pinterest Idea Pins. We do not currently support auto-posting for Instagram Reels in the video planning workspace, but you can schedule reminders to post.

If you set up reminders to post, you’ll get a push notification from the Mobile App at the time you select. Once you click on the notification from your phone, you will be taken into the PLANOLY Mobile App. Your Reel & cover photo will be auto-downloaded to your phone, and your caption will be automatically copied for quicker posting. Click “Post Reel,” and it will take you into the Instagram Mobile App to post it! Upload your media (it should be at the top of your camera roll for easy access). Make any finishing edits in Instagram’s video editor, paste your caption, and post your Reel!

Whether you are auto-posting or manually posting, PLANOLY has you covered with all things Instagram Reels. You now know the ins and outs of planning and scheduling Reels for your Instagram feed.

Upgrade your PLANOLY Account to a paid plan to start taking advantage of this new feature. New to PLANOLY? Sign-up through and take advantage of our 7-day free trial to try auto-posting Reels for free.

For more information, visit our help guide here.

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