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How to Set Up TikTok Shop + Optimization Tips

Social media is an ever changing landscape. Platforms are constantly changing and adding features to help users connect with each other and help creators make a living. TikTok Shop is one of the newer features that help creators monetize their products easily and makes it easier for users to get the top trending product.

If you’re a creator looking to start your own TikTok Shop or if you’re wondering how to take the one you have to the next level, this is the post for you. We’ll talk about how to set up your shop and how to best optimize it to get the maximum amount of visibility.

What is TikTok Shop?

TikTok Shop is the platform’s e-commerce solution that lets users sell products directly on TikTok through in-feed videos, LIVES, and the Showcase tab. It’s capable of doing many of the things an e-commerce platform does such as product discovery, product details, checkout, and post-payment activities all within the TikTok app.

TikTok Shop is not universally available, however. As of now, TikTok Shop is only available in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Vietnam.

Who should use TikTok Shop?

In some ways, brands with product offerings stand to gain much from using TikTok Shop. By using the feature, brands can gain access to Gen Z shoppers, 43% of whom start their product searches on TikTok.

Conversion potential is also attractive on TikTok with 1 out of 3 consumers reporting that they would try a new product they saw on social media. Products that go viral on TikTok also often sees sales spikes on Amazon which makes promoting products on TikTok compelling.

For creators with their own line of products, this is good news. For creators who have partnerships or brand deals, TikTok Shop can also be an easy and seamless way to promote products from brands they’ve partnered with. Creators can integrate products into their videos or add them to their bio to make it easier for their viewers and followers to buy products they promote.

There can be risks involved for brands, though. TikTok might be looking to compete with Amazon in e-commerce and what can result is a competition on who can offer the lowest prices

How to set up TikTok Shop?

Now we know what and who should use TikTok Shop, how do we create one? Follow these steps to set up your own shop.

Step 1: Sign up in the TikTok Seller Center

Go to the TikTok Seller Center

Become a seller by signing up with a TikTok Account or with a Phone and Email.

Once you sign into TikTok Seller Center, you will need to set up your shop's Warehouse/Pickup Address and Return Address.

Check the box to agree to the relevant terms and conditions, and click Start Your Business.

Step 2: Verify your documents.

TikTok will ask for documents to verify eligibility and identity.

Step 3: Link bank account.

You will need this in order for your shop to receive payments and process returns.

How do you add products to your TikTok Shop?

Once you have your shop set up, you’ll need to follow these steps to upload products. Note that  you’ll need a business account to add products.

Step 1:

  • Open your TikTok app and click on the Profile tab.

Step 2:

  • Click on “set up your TikTok shop” and follow the prompts.

Step 3:

  • Click on “Shop” and then click on “Manage products.”

Step 4:

  • Select products you want to promote and fill in product details.

Step 5:

  • Set up payment methods and shipping options.

Step 6:

  • Submit for TikTok review. Make sure you read about unsupported products to keep your products from being rejected by the TikTok team.

Step 7:

  • Once approved, your audience will then be able to buy products directly from your profile.

How to optimize your TikTok Shop?

Now that you have products and you’re ready to go, how do you make sure your product is competitive and gets found? Here are some optimization tips to help you achieve ecommerce success.

Step 1: Use clear, high resolution images

  • Images are important in any ecommerce strategy. When choosing to promote your products, choose images that are clear, show your product clearly, and are high resolution.

Step 2: Consider pricing

  • Users will usually look for deals so it would benefit you to do a little competitor research and make sure your prices are competitive and enticing.

Step 3: Pay special attention to metadata

  • Titles and descriptions are important here. Consider what your potential customers might look for with regards to your product and in the most natural way possible.

Step 4: Engage with customers

  • Engagement is one of the touchpoints the TikTok algorithm often uses when deciding to show your assets. Make sure you stay engaged with comments and questions.

Beyond these optimization tips, remember that you can add your products to your TikTok videos and TikTok Lives all for free. Use this to your advantage when you’re promoting products. TikTok is expanding every year and with TikTok Shops, the platform increased the ways creators can make money with their content. It’s an exciting new frontier for content creators!

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