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Instagram Reels Topics: How to Use This New Feature

Instagram added a new way to categorize your Reels by adding Topics to help the algorithm better prioritize Reels to its users.

Not only will Topics help your Reels find the right audience, but it also in turn drives conversions. In our latest Instagram Reels guide, you’ll learn more about how to add Topics to your Reels content and why your brand should use them!

What are Instagram Reels Topics

Topics are tags you can add to your Reels content to help classify it for the algorithm. Social Media news expert, Matt Navarra shared to Twitter about this underrated feature back at the end of 2022, noting that Topics are to help make sure your content finds the right people.

How to Add Topics to your Instagram Reels  

One of the best ways to create high-performing Reels content is by creating content that leans into your niche. Instagram Reels Topics is a great way to ensure you’re leaning into your industry and audience.

Here’s how to add Topics to Your Reels Content:

Step 1: Create and upload a Reel the way your normally would.

Step 2: Before publishing your Reel, scroll to the bottom and tap “Add a Topic”

Step 3: You can add up to 3 Topics to your Reels. Find 3 Topics that are relevant and related to your industry, however are different from one another. This ensures you’re maximizing your reach using the feature.

Are Instagram Reels Topics Worth It

In short, the answer is yes. However, it’s up for you to figure out. Try posting Reels consistently for a week and add Topics to each of them. For example, you can use your content pillars to help find out which Topics to tag your Reels with. Then compare adding Reels Topics to not adding anything at all and see how much better your Reels performed with or without them.

We hope you learned more about the new feature and ready to try it the next time you post your Reels content.

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