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Pinterest for Business: How to Use Pinterest for Your Brand

Pinterest, with its endless aesthetics and powerful search, can be a wonderland for businesses and content creators. But, to make your Pinterest content feel like magic, strategic planning, and consistent posting are essential.

Whether you’re totally new to Pinterest or a longtime pro, Planoly might just be your best sidekick in planning and auto-posting content seamlessly. Plus, we’re an official partner of Pinterest so we’ve got the scoop on all things social when it comes to Pinterest content creation.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Should I Post On Pinterest

The first question you may be asking yourself is, “is my audience even on Pinterest?” The short answer is - yes. Over 482 million people use Pinterest every month to browse, discover or buy across a wide range of categories. Not only this, but 97% of top Pinterest searches are unbranded, which gives your business a great chance to be discovered and drive more brand awareness. 

Aside from reaching a large audience, Pinterest is also a great resource for content ideas for your brand. In the last 3 years, 8 in every 10 trends that Pinterest predicted came true. These trends ranged across categories including beauty, finance, parenting, food & beverage, weddings & more. Utilizing Pinterest Predicts ‘not-yet-trending report’ can help give you ideas of what kind of content could do well for your audience on Pinterest as well as other social channels.

How to Auto-Post to Pinterest

Planoly’s multi-channel workspace makes it easy to manage all your social profiles in one place. You can plan content for Pinterest and reshare to Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), and LinkedIn all in a streamlined view. Plus, repurposing your content across channels helps you to expand your reach while maintaining a consistent presence wherever your audience finds you. Here’s how to auto-post to Pinterest: 

  • Activate a free 7-day trial or login to your multi-channel workspace
  • Go to the social sets manager page in your Planoly profile.
  • Click on the Pinterest channel bubble in your multi-channel workspace group.
  • Follow the prompts to link your Pinterest profile.
  • From your multi-channel workspace, create or edit a post and turn the auto-post toggle on for Pinterest.
  • Start auto-posting!

Cross-channel planning is easy since Planoly lets you plan and auto-post up to 7 channels at once. It's like having a social media assistant, working tirelessly to share your content with the world.

How to Create a Pinterest Content Strategy

It’s important to note that Pinterest content differs from other social channels. It has a longer lifespan and can reach audiences long after it has been published. While it may seem daunting to create custom content specifically for Pinterest on top of other social channels you’re managing, the benefits should pay off in the long run. 

Pinterest values fresh content leading users to discover new ideas, products, and inspiration. To get started, brainstorm 5-7 key topics or categories for your business. These can serve as your Pinterest boards. From there, start grouping content within each board. Some ideas include seasonal content, new product launches, blog posts, and other important URLs for your website.

Here are some brands that have inspired how we create and group content.

Beauty Brand: Glossier

No matter what kind of brand you are, collaborating with clients, coworkers, or your community is important when it comes to Pinterest. You can do this simply by creating a group board! Glossier’s BEAUTYCHAT Board illustrates how their community of creators can effortlessly share their ideas and beauty tips – establishing a stronger digital community on Pinterest.

Lifestyle Brand: Camille Styles

There is no limit to how many different topics and categories you can tap into with the Pinterest Boards you create. Camille Styles’ profile is a perfect example of how you can divide your content under different Boards – accommodating various heavily searched topics, increasing discoverability, and overall content engagement.

Fashion Brand: Lisa Says Gah

Pinterest is the perfect place to create a virtual shopping experience for your customers. You can organize your products within your Pinterest board by creating sections. This keeps everything organized and easy to shop for users. If you’re going to set up shop on Pinterest, be sure to apply for Pinterest’s verified merchant program! This confirms to your audience that you are a vetted brand and will make your products stand out. 

Food Brand: Love and Lemons

Planoly Pro-tip: Create a beautiful first impression for users visiting your profile. Pinterest has refreshed the user Profile experience so that all of your created Pins are front and center on the Created Tab. Take some inspiration from Love and Lemons, all of her beautifully created recipe Pins are the first thing user’s will see when visiting her profile!

Aesthetics: Velvet My Soul

Last but not least, there has been a noticeable trend on Pinterest lately where people have been creating Boards dedicated to creating a certain aesthetic. The look and feel of these Boards are definitely reminiscent of mood boards. This is an excellent way for a brand or business to showcase its creativity and vision. If you are an influencer or blogger, you can use this as a tool to plan a new look-and-feel for your Instagram feed or just share the overall sense of style you aspire to. You also have the option to make this Board secret if you would rather keep your ideas personal to you.

How to Plan for Pinterest Only

If you’re set on planning for Pinterest only, check out our dedicated Pinterest planning workspace. This workspace enables you to visually plan, schedule, and auto-post Pins in just minutes from Planoly’s Web Dashboard or the Mobile App. 

There’s a lot to love about our Pinterest planning workspace, but we did our best to narrow down the top features that our users love.

  • Visual Planning Calendar: With our Pinterest visual planning calendar, you can easily see what days & times you have Pins scheduled. 
  • Quick Schedule: Creating a quick schedule allows you to create a consistent cadence of days & times for your Pins to go live. Once your schedule is created, you can drag & drop content from your Library into your quick schedule times.
  • Campaigns: Use our campaigns feature to bulk schedule content across multiple boards all at once.
  • Planoly Uploader: Our browser extension for Chrome & Safari allows you to easily Pin things while browsing online.
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How to See Pinterest Analytics

Once you’ve spent some time and effort creating your Pinterest content strategy, it’s important to check in to see what content is resonating with Pinterest users. With Pinterest's Analytics dashboard, you can dive deeper into important Pinterest metrics including impressions, saves, clicks, and close-ups. It gives you an overall view of your Best Pins and Audience Insights to increase your engagement. You can also toggle the dates in which you want to measure these analytics.


Now that you know the ins and outs of Pinterest marketing, let Planoly help you save time and create a consistent presence on Pinterest. Planoly is your all-in-one solution for mastering Pinterest content creation. From brainstorming and drafting to seamless auto-posting, Planoly simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on creating captivating content that resonates with your Pinterest audience. Elevate your Pinterest strategy free for 7 days with Planoly.

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