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How to Manage Hashtags for All Your Social Channels

Hashtags are an essential component of your social strategy because they help you to reach new audiences across your social channels and increase the overall reach of the content you create. However, It can be hard to remember what hashtags to use on just one platform, and when planning a multi-channel social strategy, it can be even more complex. With PLANOLY, you can organize & manage your hashtags across channels in one centralized place, so you never forget your most important content on a post. 

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What is templated content?

As a creator posting frequently on social media, one way to foolproof your most important pieces of recurrent content is to use templated content. Templated content can be any content snippet that you save because you’re likely to use it more than once in your posts. The most common type of templated content for creators is hashtags. Instead of trying to remember which hashtags get you the best reach for holiday shopping content or what hashtags a brand partner required in all your posts, in PLANOLY, you can create hashtag groups to save those hashtags for easy access anytime you go to plan a post. 

How to Manage Hashtags in PLANOLY

In PLANOLY, there are two ways you can access and edit your hashtag groups. In your Create view, you can click on the Hashtags tab to access your Hashtag Manager. From there you can add new hashtag groups, edit existing ones, and copy the content from any group to add to a post. You can also access, edit, and create new hashtag groups by clicking “Hashtags” in the post details view of any post in your multi-channel workspace. Once you find the content you want to use, you can click “+ Insert Hashtags” to insert it into the post you’re editing or copy it from the menu to add it to multiple channels.

What Hashtags & other content should I template?

There’s so much that you can do to template content in PLANOLY. Here are some of our favorite ways to template your content in the Hashtag Manager for use in your multi-channel workspace:

  • Create hashtag groups for your most important hashtags on each social channel;
  • Create hashtag groups for each season to use throughout the season and reuse for next year;
  • Save all your social handles across channels in one place to plug into YouTube posts;
  • Save location specific hashtags for the area you show up in most often;
  • Create a group for each brand partner’s official handles, hashtags, and website;
  • Create a group for a contest, promo, or giveaway’s disclaimer or terms & conditions;
  • Save your frequent collaborators’ handles in a group, and more!

The best part is, you can plan across all of your most important channels in a single view. On the scheduling page, you’ll be able to select which channels you want to plan for, customize your hashtags and captions, and preview your posts. That means you can use PLANOLY to upload 1 piece of content across all of your channels. Then, use your hashtag groups to customize for each channel in just a few clicks. Say hello to a streamlined strategy for maximum impact.

We know that it’s important for you to optimize your time as a content creator, and now you can level up your content strategy with only half the brainpower. By streamlining your content strategy with Hashtag Manager, you’ll save time for the things that matter most. If you’re ready to jump in and get started, you can try PLANOLY free for 7 days.

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