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Instagram Now Allows Multiple Links in Your Bio

New Instagram linking feature alert! Instagram recently started rolling out their new linking feature where you can add up 5 links in bio. This highly requested feature will not only give users more flexibility with their bio, but resolve a long-standing issue of having to use third-party linking services like Linktree. Follow along to see who can access it and how it’ll be beneficial for your business.

How to Access Instagram Multiple Links Feature

You can now add up to 5 links in your Instagram bio, however only one link will display in your bio. It’s available to all users and here’s how to access it.

Step 1: Head to your Instagram profile and tap “edit profile”

Step 2: Tap “Add Links” and then tap “Add External”

Step 3: Repeat “Step 2” until you’ve successfully added all appropriate link

The only limitation users will have with this new feature is that only one link will display on your actual profile. For example, “ and four other links.” This caveat might deter users from using this feature update and keep them opting for more customizable options.

The Benefits of Instagram’s Multiple Linking Feature

Instagram isn’t the only one who had strict linking limitations. TikTok only allows business accounts to have clickable links in bio. This linking update is a huge demand for creators and is yet another tool Instagram is providing for users to help them monetize their content. Instagram believes it’s new linking feature provides a competitive advantage and can lure creators back to their app.

In addition to making clickable links more accessible to their users, Instagram will not block users from still using third-party linking services. This tool is not only incredibly easy to use, but professional looking.


This feature is going to be a game changer for users similar to how Instagram have access to Instagram Story linking with the linking sticker. Creators and brands will be able to rotate their link in bio to better fit their demands without having to use a linking service which can get overwhelming visually. However, if you plan on still linking individual posts, a third-party linking service is still your best option. PLANOLY’s linking service, SELLIT, allows you link your grid along with Reels content too.

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