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Introducing PLANOLY’s Linkit Feature: The Bridge Between Influencers and Brands

Introducing PLANOLY’s Linkit

Linkit is a free tool built within PLANOLY to easily create your own link in bio and simplify your followers’ browsing and shopping experience! Linkit is the quickest way to bridge the gap between your followers and the brands you use!

So what is Linkit?

PLANOLY’s newest link-building feature allows users to link the posts featured on their Instagram feedback to any URL. You can curate a custom gallery of your Instagram posts and attach links to a brand’s website, blog article, or referral links.

For the consumer, this makes discovering a product, then purchasing it through an influencer or blogger’s social media account, easier and more efficient. And best of all, Linkit is a free featire available to all PLANOLY users.

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Where can I access Linkit?

For all PLANOLY users, you can access Linkit immediately by heading to the top right of the navigation bar on desktop in IG Planner. You do not need to set up, upgrade, or add Linkit to your PLANOLY account. (Keep in mind, if you are a paid PLANOLY user and have upgraded to Sellit, Linkit is built into Sellit. This means you will not see a Linkit tab at the top navigation bar in your IG Planner).

Here’s where you access Linkit

  • In your PLANOLY account, navigate to the top right navigation bar
  • Click on the “LINKIT” tab
  • You now are in Linkit
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How does Linkit work?

To access Linkit, head over to the Linkit tab in the upper right corner of the PLANOLY on your desktop. Linkit offers two customizable buttons to redirect followers to any URL and will visually display a clickable version of your Instagram posts and their links.

By adding the Linkit URL to your bio, your followers can view your custom buttons, browse a curated version of your Instagram feed, and click on posts to be redirected to view any site. For influencers and creators, Linkit is a game-changing feature to easily direct your followers to your products and referral links.

Now you can take your followers exactly where they need to go in just a few clicks! The link’s seamless approach will make your account a destination for followers to shop, browse, and support your campaigns. Think of it as your very own department store but more stylish and helpful!

To learn more about Linkit, watch the video featured below!

How do I add the Links to my posts in linkit?

  • Click on the “LINKIT” at the top of your navigation bar on the web dashboard
  • Select the Instagram post you want to add to your grid gallery
  • Click the button “Add (1) to Store” once you have selected the post
  • Hover over the left panel and click on the “Store” tab (it’s an icon that looks like a store!). Within this view, you can see your grid gallery at a glance
  • Click on the post you selected earlier in your grid gallery
  • Click into the search bar that says “enter the image redirect link”
  • Add the URL you would like to associate with this Instagram post
  • Click “Save”
  • You're finished!
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Why use Linkit?

  1. If a follower wants to learn more about a post they saw on your Instagram, the link in your bio can direct them to the right places!
  2. When you say “head to my link in bio,” you’ll no longer be limited with just sharing one link. Through Linkit’s custom buttons and custom Instagram grid gallery, your followers can better support you!
  3. With less friction to get to a brand’s website or your referral link, you’ll strengthen your relationships with partners and keep attracting more brands to work with you!
  4. Linkit’s clean design won’t distract from your personal aesthetic, and will only add to creating a simpler consumer journey for your followers.
  5. Last, but definitely not least, it's a completely free feature!

PLANOLY Pro-Tip: If you’re also a small business owner, consider upgrading to sellit, a paid add-on for paid PLANOLY users.

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More About sellit

Sellit takes form as a link in bio like Linkit, but it also allows you to upload a product gallery in addition to your grid gallery! With Sellit, you can create a digital storefront! Sellit is the perfect feature for entrepreneurs who are just starting out and don’t have the resources to create a fully functional eCommerce website.
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