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Instagram Removes IGTV and Combines it With Feed Videos

In an effort to lean into the power of video, Instagram has combined IGTV and Feed Videos into one platform. It’s called Instagram Video and it’s designed to make video entertainment more accessible. 

So, why the change? IGTV focused on long-form video. With TikTok launching shortly after IGTV, Instagram saw that users tend to prefer short-form videos. In fact, only 1% of Instagram users actually downloaded the standalone IGTV app. The truth is, IGTV never took off like it was expected to and so Instagram Video was the solution. Here, you’ll learn everything you’ll need to know about the latest Instagram video update, new editing features, and what this change can mean for your Instagram video journey. 

What is Instagram Video? 

Instagram Video prioritizes entertainment through an immersive, mobile-first approach. The point of Instagram Video is to make video content easier to discover. Long and short-form content will both be found under the Video tab and users can click anywhere within a video to enter full-screen viewing mode. After users finish watching that video, they can either click out and return to their feed or keep scrolling to discover new video content. 

Instagram Video Includes

The IGTV app is being rebranded as Instagram Video. It will host Instagram Video formatted content for the following: 

  • Videos previously presented as Feed Videos or IGTVs
  • Live Video. 

Note: Reels will stay separate from Instagram Video. 

Videos can reach 60 minutes in length and 60-second previews will be shown in the Feed. Videos eligible for ads, which are now called In-Stream video ads, will show a 15-second preview. 

New Video Editing Features

Instagram Video is also streamlining the video creation process with new video editing features like trimming, filters, and the ability to tag people and locations. Here’s how to access these features: 

  • Step 1: Tap the ‘+’ icon in the upper right corner of your screen to create a post and then select the video you want to post. 
  • Step 2: On the next screen, you’ll see the filter and trim options at the bottom. Choose your filter, then tap ‘Trim’ and cut your video to the desired length. Once that’s complete, click to the next screen. 
  • Step 3: This is where you’ll add your caption, people tags, and location tags. Then just click, ‘Post.’ 

Yes, it really is that easy. 

Best Practices for Instagram Video

Record High-Quality Video

These days, you don’t need a ton of fancy equipment to create high-quality videos. With that level of accessibility comes a higher standard of quality for video on social media. Film in natural lighting using a smartphone or camera. If available, filming with a tripod or a ring light can help make your video look more stable and improve your video image quality. However, if you don’t have any extra equipment to film with, don’t worry. Scrappy content or creating content that’s not overly produced is one of our favorite ways to create content. Not only is scrappy content relatable, but it shows your audience that you’re relevant and up to date with social media trends. 

Use the Right Video Specs 

If you size your video incorrectly it can upload pixelated and not in the video quality you want. Tips to avoid this are to think about where users will be viewing your video. Most Instagram users are watching videos on the mobile app, which means they're holding the phone vertically. However, deciding whether to shoot a video horizontally or vertically is up to the length and type of video. For example, if it's a short-form video will they're looking to watch it without paying close attention to the quality. If it's a longer video, filming horizontally can give you higher-quality videos. 

We created this Instagram Video specs cheat sheet to make sure you always get the right video specs. 

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Make the First 3 Seconds Count

You have three seconds to snag the viewer’s attention before they scroll past your video - make it count. That means you need to include a really nice hook in those first few seconds. There are a few ways you can do this:

#1 Solve a relatable problem: If you introduce a problem in the first few seconds and promise a solution by the end of your video, users who relate to that problem will stick it out until the end to hear your solution. 

#2 Start with an eye-catching clip: You can use either a funny blooper or an interesting cover image. For a screenshot from the video find the most engaging part of your video, this will entice the viewer and give them an idea of what's in store. If you decide not to use a clip from your video then create a cover image that's cohesive with your other posts. It can be simple and include text and your brand colors. Below is an example of a designed cover image.

#3 Introduce a story: Hook your viewers by starting to tell a story. If they’re invested in the story, they’ll keep watching. 

Use Captions

Adding closed captions to your Instagram Videos might seem like an extra step, but it’s a crucial part of making your videos inclusive to your entire audience. Not everyone can hear the sound of your video or are in a space where they can watch with sound. Choosing to not use captions limits both your audience and your video’s potential. 

Use Tags

Adding hashtags, location tags, and people tags is a tried and true way to get your videos in front of new audiences. Do your research and include the tags most relevant to your target audience. 

And with that, you’re up to date on the latest Instagram Video news. So what do you think about the change? Let us know by tagging us in an Instagram Video of your very own!

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