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Instagram New AI Chatbot Experience in DMs

Instagram began testing a new Chat with AI experience in DMs earlier this summer. The feature first leaked in June of 2023. In this post, we’re sharing everything we know about Instagram AI Agents so far.

What are Instagram’s AI Agents?

Instagram's new AI chatbot experience allows users to integrate AI into chats for a more fun and engaging experience. The chatbot (so far, they’re called AI Agents) can answer questions and provide advice. Users can choose from 30 AI personalities, including one inspired by Abraham Lincoln. Instagram hopes the AI chat function will help users find the best way to express themselves by inspiring creativity and aiding the message-writing process.

How Does Instagram’s AI Agent Feature Work?

The most notable convenience of the feature is that users don’t have to exit the chat to use it. All you have to do to access Instagram’s AI chatbot is type @AI in the chat box. You’ll be automatically rerouted to a bot that can generate responses for your conversation 24/7.

When Will Instagram’s New AI Chat Bot Launch?

The feature is still in the testing phase. Screenshots were leaked by Alessandro Paluzzi, a leaker with a reliable track record for spotting upcoming app features according to the Verge.

According to the Financial Times, Instagram’s AI Agents should release as early as September 2023. They will start as limited pilots.

How Can Brands and Creators Use Instagram’s AI Agents?

Brands can use the new feature to improve search and content recommendations, which may help with metrics like engagement and user time spent. The new AI can also streamline the way brands interact with customers.

Another leak by Paluzzi shows Instagram’s plans to label content created or modified by AI.

The concept of AI labels on social media is interesting, considering the flood of AI-generated content we’ve seen this year. Because not all audiences will appreciate content labeled as AI-modified, brands should pay attention to sentiment within their own community and act accordingly.

It’s currently unclear whether or not the label will recognize content generated by AI outside the Instagram app (like with PLANOLY’s AI Caption Generator, for example).


Even though AI Agents are so brand new they haven’t even rolled out yet, it’s already evident they’ll change the IG game for brands and creators. The opportunities for content inspiration and customer service are already exciting. Personally, I can’t wait to hear Abraham Lincoln’s Instagram advice. Stay tuned for more updates!

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