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3 Ways to Use Sellit

It can be intimidating to make the jump into eCommerce. Setting up a website takes time, effort and a lot of resources. That’s why we created Sellit - a mobile-friendly landing page that can be set up in minutes to sell anything, anywhere. 

Easily create a shoppable gallery of your products or services to share via your social platforms, email, or text. Simply upload your products to PLANOLY, connect Stripe for payments, and publish your link! You can sell just about anything with Sellit, but today I’m going to focus on three specific use cases.

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Sell Digital Goods

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Looking for an alternative to Etsy? With Sellit, you can sell any type of digital good. This includes digital art, audio or media files, workbooks or step-by-step guides, and more. Once a customer completes their purchase through your Sellit store, the file will automatically be sent to them as a PDF via email. Plus, you can set the link to expire after 24 hours if availability is limited to a specific period of time. 

Promote Online Classes

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Are you an aspiring chef, coach, or thought leader? Do you host live Zoom webinars, classes, or tutorials for your followers? Sellit makes it easy to market and monetize the content you’re already creating. Use Sellit as a landing page to drive registrations for your next virtual event. Once a customer completes their purchase, you can automatically send them a link to your event via email.

Create a Virtual Tip Jar

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Last but not least, Sellit is perfect for creating a virtual tip jar. If you frequently host live content, you can create a Sellit page with tip options for your followers. The Sellit link can easily be added as a sticker to your next IG story, added to your TikTok live and any other place you can share a link. Get paid for the content you create and give your followers a chance to say thank you for the inspiration. 

If you’re looking for a simple, creative way to monetize your content and convert customers across your social platforms, the opportunities are endless with Sellit. To get started, simply create an account on PLANOLY and add Sellit to any of our paid plans. 

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Reilly Purl

Reilly Purl leads the Product Marketing team at Planoly. She has a passion for helping people understand how products work & the best ways to use them.

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