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How to Leverage GRWM Content for More Views

In the fast-paced world of online content creation, the importance of engaging your audience cannot be overstated. Enter the realm of "Get Ready With Me" (GRWM) videos – a trend that has taken the digital landscape by storm. Beyond the mere act of preparing for a day, event, or special occasion, GRWM videos have evolved into a dynamic tool that content creators can use to not only connect with their audience but also boost their engagement levels to new heights.

#1 Authenticity and Relatability

At the core of the GRWM video phenomenon lies authenticity and relatability. Content creators who let their audience into their personal routines and rituals create a sense of connection that's hard to replicate with other content formats. The process of getting ready for the day becomes a shared experience, allowing viewers to feel like they're a part of the content creator's life. This emotional connection serves as a foundation for boosting engagement as viewers are more likely to interact with and respond to content they feel emotionally invested in.

Alix Earle, TikTok creator and influencer is a prime example of how GRWM videos helped her build her brand and become one of TikTok’s “it” girls. She used GRWM videos to share parts of her life in Miami as a student at the University of Miami. She shared makeup tips and asked her followers to help her pick her outfits.

@alixearle Sorrrr excited to see @Personatalie @Katialuvstok ♬ original sound - alix earle

#2  Building a Stronger Connection Through Storytelling

Every GRWM video has a narrative – whether it's an ordinary morning routine or getting glammed up for a special event. Content creators can leverage this inherent storytelling aspect to their advantage. By infusing their videos with personal anecdotes, challenges, or insights, they can captivate their audience's attention and create a stronger bond. Sharing relatable stories not only humanizes the content creator but also encourages viewers to share their own experiences in the comments, thus fostering a sense of community and encouraging engagement.

Victoria Paris also uses GRWM videos to share her day to day or crazy whirlwind summer travel plans. She shares daily happenings in her everyday life that are funny and relatable. Even if followers have no idea what she’s referring to, it’s still something they want to know about.

#3 GRWN Dialogue

GRWM videos provide a dialogue with their followers that other content types or video formats don’t. Creators can take followers through their day to day and even seek advice or ask their followers to ask them questions. GRWM’s give creators the engagement that Instagram’s Story questions stickers otherwise can’t provide. The comments you get from followers also serves as a place for new content inspo because you can create follow-up videos answering your followers questions. The comments section becomes a hub of discussion, with viewers sharing their opinions, experiences, and suggestions, all of which contribute to higher engagement rates.

#4 Leveraging Platform Features

Different platforms offer various features that can be optimized for increased engagement. For instance, on Instagram, content creators can utilize Stories to provide sneak peeks or behind-the-scenes looks of their GRWM videos, creating a sense of anticipation. On YouTube, creators can use chapter markers to enable viewers to navigate directly to the segments they find most interesting. Cross-promoting GRWM videos across multiple platforms also broadens the reach and engagement potential.


In an era where audience engagement reigns supreme, GRWM videos offer content creators an invaluable opportunity to forge genuine connections, tell compelling stories, and build a community around their content. By showcasing authenticity, incorporating interactive elements, and leveraging platform features, content creators can elevate their engagement levels and solidify their position in the hearts and minds of their audience. As GRWM videos continue to evolve, so too will the ways in which creators harness their power to foster engagement and strengthen their online presence.

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