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How to Grow Your Business with Amazon Posts and Planoly

If you’re selling a product and you’re on social media, Amazon should be part of your social e-commerce strategy. Amazon Posts have transformed the way brands connect with their audience. Amazon sellers and vendors, in particular, can benefit immensely from cross-posting social content from Amazon Posts to other highly engaged channels. 

Amazon Posts are a great way to showcase products, share customer testimonials, and build a community around your brand. Whether you’re part of the 54% sellers that are making more than $5K per month or you’re finally ready to get started making money on Amazon, Planoly can seamlessly integrate your Amazon posts into your social media content calendar.

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Top Ways to Use Amazon Posts

Planoly's multi-channel workspace is a game-changer for Amazon sellers and vendors looking to showcase their products on social media effortlessly. By linking your Amazon business account with Planoly, you can schedule and auto-post Amazon product videos, images, and other relevant content directly from Planoly. Here are a few of our top ways to use Amazon Posts:

  • If you're a creator, like a content creator for your own candle company, tag your newest scent in a video review
  • If you're selling a product, like a sock company, reshare UGC content showcasing your holiday patterns
  • If you offer a service, like a vintage clothing resale brand, repurpose an Instagram grid post for your Amazon Post feed

In Planoly, you can auto-post all this content and more if you’re set up on Amazon (see here for a step-by-step guide on how to get started). Amazon Posts are available to vendors and professional sellers enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry, with a live Brand Profile.

Dos and Don’ts of Growing Your Business

At Planoly, we’re creators, social media gurus, and now Amazon experts if we do say so ourselves. So we know that managing multiple platforms and creating an effective social strategy can be time-consuming and overwhelming. If you’re in the same boat, here are some quick dos and don’ts that can help you streamline your social strategy and grow on Amazon.


  • Maintain a Consistent Posting Schedule - Much like other social media platforms, Amazon is awash with tons of content every day which means you need to post consistently to stay top of mind for your audience. Scheduling your Amazon Post content for auto-post ensures that your content strategy never sleeps, even when you do.
  • Optimize Your Hashtags - Hashtags increase your discoverability to the millions of adults who browse Amazon every day. Instead of trying to remember all the right hashtags for each of your products, simply create hashtag groups in Planoly to easily insert in any post with the click of a button.
  • Share User-Generated Content - Also known as UGC, this type of content not only builds trust but also provides authentic content for your social channels. Invite your brand’s top customers to be a part of your team by sharing their experiences with your products.


  • Create All Your Own Content - Invite your team members to collaborate with you in Planoly to easily brainstorm, plan, & schedule a diverse Amazon Post feed. That way you can divvy up the burden of content creation in a shared workspace.
  • Underestimate the Power Of Visuals - Preview all your content to see what it will look like on Amazon and any other channels you’re planning for before your content goes live to make sure your feed has the right look and feel.
  • Ignore Channels Your Audience Engages With - Repurpose content across channels to maximize your reach and meet your audience wherever they are. In Planoly, you can plan for up to 8 channels in a single view, so it’s super easy to cover all your most important social profiles at once.

How To Repurpose Content for Amazon Posts

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Planoly allows you to schedule posts in advance, saving you valuable time to focus on other aspects of your Amazon business and your social strategy. Whether you’re planning on the go with our Mobile App or working in our Web Dashboard you can brainstorm, draft, and auto-post content from almost anywhere. To maximize the life of your content, you can create one piece of content and share it to up to 8 channels at once. That means the image or video that you create for an Amazon Post can be repurposed to Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest and auto-posted to all those channels from one view. Here’s how it works:

  • Activate a free 7-day trial or login to your multi-channel workspace
  • Go to the social sets manager page in your Planoly profile.
  • Click on the Amazon channel bubble in your multi-channel workspace group.
  • Follow the prompts to link your Amazon Brand Profile.
  • From your multi-channel workspace, create or edit a post and turn the auto-post toggle on for Amazon.
  • Tag between 1-10 products with their ASIN and finalize your post details.
  • Schedule your content to auto-post!

One important note - all Amazon Posts are automatically submitted for approval upon scheduling and must be approved by Amazon’s moderators before we can auto-post. Approvals are usually received within 24 hours of scheduling a Post, but manual posting is not available due to this Amazon requirement. All the more reason to plan your content ahead of time!

In the competitive landscape of social selling, leveraging tools like Planoly can give your Amazon business a significant edge. By automating your social posting and seamlessly integrating your Amazon products into your post content, you can save time, maintain consistency, and ultimately drive more traffic and sales to your Amazon Store. Try Planoly free for 7 days to maximize your reach and grow with Amazon Posts.

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blog post image
How to Grow Your Business with Amazon Posts and Planoly
blog post image
How to Grow Your Business with Amazon Posts and Planoly
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