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How to Create a Pinterest Holiday Campaign with Pin Planner

Now that Q4 is well underway, it's time to start prepping your products and content for the holiday shopping season. But not just any content, Pinterest content. Pinterest shares that most holiday searches start on Pinterest compared to any other search engine, so much so that last year, the majority of sales influenced by Pinterest were completed by Cyber Monday. 

So what does this mean for you? A huge opportunity to drive sales and gain new customers just by using Pinterest. Need help planning and scheduling your Pinterest content this holiday season? Here's how to create Holiday Pinterest content and plan it through PLANOLY's Pin Planner. Let's get started! 

How to Plan and Create a Holiday Campaign on Pin Planner 

In addition to Instagram, Pinterest is another way you can boost your conversion rate this holiday shopping season, especially with how many shoppers are heading to Pinterest first for gift inspirations, party ideas, and more. And to set your business up for success, use our Pin Planner, where you can create a holiday campaign to schedule all your Pinterest content to save you time so you can focus on fulfilling orders and concentrate on your business. Here's our step-by-step guide for creating Holiday Campaigns on Pin Planner. 

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#1 - Set Your Goals

Before creating your Pinterest content, you'll have to decide what you're trying to accomplish. Are you looking to build brand awareness, gain followers, or get conversions? For example, if you're a retailer, your goal might be to get conversion since it's the holiday season and you want people to shop for your products. Aside from choosing your objective, you might want to select a time frame you want this campaign to run for. 

#2 - Create Your Pins 

Once you've established the goal of your campaign, you can get to the fun part of creating your Pins. Start creating holiday content buckets that fit your business. For example, If you sell home decor, you might try curating holiday tablescapes using your product inventory, then tag your products in your Pins for followers to shop. Once you decide what type of holiday content you're going to create, you can determine whether it will be a Standard Pin, Video Pin, or Idea Pin. 

Note: You cannot currently schedule Idea Pins using Pin Planner. This is due to Pinterest limitations. 
#3 - Optimize Your Pins 

To be successful on Pinterest, you'll want to link your website or products to each one of your Pins. This ensures you're not losing any conversions by someone clicking on your Pin and not knowing where to purchase this product or looking for more holiday inspiration via your website. 

#4 Plug Everything into Pin Planner Campaigns Feature

Once you've done all of the above and your campaign is ready, you can easily upload your content into our Pin Planner Campaigns feature. Simply click on "campaigns" in the top right corner and then find the "+ CREATE CAMPAIGN" button. From there, fill in all the required information & upload content. You can find more details by watching the tutorial here or reviewing our Pin Planner overview here. It's important to note that PLANOLY's Pin Planner campaigns require a paid plan. You can easily create a campaign through your Web Dashboard.

Holiday Campaign Examples

Better Homes & Garden 

Pinning ahead of the holidays is essential. Better Homes & Gardens is always on top of the holiday trends by Pinning their content in advance. This example shows a decor idea that can be used for Fall or even Thanksgiving decorations. They uploaded this Pin back in September to get ahead of the holiday season!

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PLANOLY's Create Your Joy Campaign

Creating a campaign on Pinterest is a great way to spread brand awareness. Last year at PLANOLY, we created our Create Your Joy campaign. This was a curation of DIY ideas from inspiring creators, mental health and wellness tips, and marketing ideas to prep for the holidays. 

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Pin Planner is our easiest tool to build your Pinterest strategy! From visually planning and scheduling your Pins, we make it easier than ever to manage, plan, & schedule your Pins. To help you get ahead of this holiday season, try out our tool so you can get back to planning the holidays with your family and friends by taking care of your business.

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