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PLANOLY Product Spotlight: Pin Planner for Pinterest

We have joined forces with Pinterest as an official Pinterest Partner to bring you PLANOLY’s Pinterest planning tool...Pin Planner! We’re simplifying social marketing by expanding to become not only a visual planning tool for Instagram but for Pinterest as well. Our mission is to help cultivate and empower brands and businesses to be more efficient with social marketing through our productivity tools. Pin Planner helps you plan, schedule, and optimize your Pinterest strategy!

Why Pinterest?

Over 400M people use Pinterest every month globally, so it’s essential for you to have a strategy on this social platform. Pinterest is a unique social channel that performs differently from Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Pins are recommended to users based on relevancy to what you provide that Pinners are looking for. Your Pins aren’t limited to when they’re published, because they aren’t distributed chronologically. This means you’ll see a much longer shelf life and slower burn of your content on Pinterest.  Here are some interesting facts from Pinterest:

  1.  89% of people use Pinterest for purchase inspiration
  2.  98% of users report trying new things found on Pinterest
  3.  Pinterest users have saved over 250 billion Pins

If you’re looking to drive consistent traffic to your blog or website, it’s worth investing your time to plan for Pinterest.

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Pin Planner is PLANOLY's visual planning tool for your Pinterest content. Strategically map out weeks worth of content in just minutes. Upload Pins, plan, and schedule in advance from PLANOLY’s mobile app or web dashboard.

Where Can You Find It?

You can access Pin Planner on your PLANOLY mobile app or web dashboard. Simply click on your profile in the top left corner to add and link your Pinterest account. Switch back and forth from your IG Planner to your Pin Planner at any time.

Who Can Use It?

Access Pin Planner for free by creating an account on the PLANOLY mobile app or on The free version is limited to 30 uploads per month, but you can easily upgrade your plan for access to unlimited uploads + all of the additional features Pin Planner has to offer. Keep in mind, the number of available social profiles on your paid plan will determine how many Pinterest accounts you can set up in PLANOLY.

How Does It Work?

Pin Planner allows you to upload images or videos and schedule Pins across multiple boards & timeframes. Pin Planner has three tabs to view - library, scheduled, and published. Your library view contains your unpublished & unscheduled Pins while your scheduled view includes all upcoming Pins set to publish on a future date. Your published view includes Pins that are currently on Pinterest and will show up in chronological order, so all of your newest Pins will show up in the left-hand corner from left to right and top to bottom.

Below is an easy step-by-step tutorial on how to upload and schedule Pins using Pin Planner.

How to Plan Your Pins

  1. Switch to your Pinterest account from the top left profile image on the PLANOLY mobile app or web dashboard. 
  2. On the Pin Planner web dashboard, you can either drag and drop content from your desktop to your Pin Planner dashboard or upload content. For the web dashboard, click on the plus (+) icon above your grid  On the mobile app, tap on the plus (+) on the bottom navigation bar. 
  3. When your content is uploaded, click on any Pin to schedule. 
  4. When scheduling your Pin, add in your Pin Title, Pin Description, and a Pin URL to drive traffic back to your website, blog or other online destination. PLANOLY Pro-Tip: Your title & description are essential to optimizing when your Pins show in search for Pinners, so make sure to spend some time crafting the perfect message!
  5. Then, select a board for your Pin OR create a new board. When creating a new board, there’s also an option to make it a ‘secret board’ (simply turn on the ‘secret’ toggle!). From your web dashboard, you can also select multiple boards for 1 Pin to be added to. Choose your desired date and time, and click ‘SAVE’! Yay! You’ve just scheduled a Pin to your Pinterest account!

Important Note: Once a Pin is scheduled, it’ll move over to your SCHEDULED view, and a light blue (S) icon will appear on the top left corner of the Pin. If a Pin has been published, it’ll move over to the PUBLISHED view and have a grey detailed tab under it with your board information, day and time it was published as well as these three metrics: Impressions, Saves, and Clicks for each particular Pin.

Pin Planner Campaigns

If you have a lot of Pins to publish on Pinterest, using Pin Planner Campaigns is the way to go. This is a paid PLANOLY feature, but trust us, it will pay off by saving you time when planning your Pinterest strategy. Campaigns allow you to “set it and forget it” by creating an automated Pinning schedule for your Pins. Plus, you can upload over 150 Pins per week for each campaign. 

How to Create a Campaign in Pin Planner:

  1. From your web dashboard, click Campaigns in the top right corner. 
  2. Select the (+) plus to create a campaign.
  3. Create a Campaign Name, Pin Title, Description & Pin URL
  4. Add your Campaign rules - Start Date & Board(s) to Pin on.
  5. Select your Pin times per day (or let PLANOLY auto-generate times for you). 

A Campaign can have up to 24 Pins per day - that’s publishing one new Pin per hour! Pin Planner Campaigns makes managing bulk content simple and saves you time.

Pinterest Analytics

Reviewing your Pinterest metrics is the best way to gain additional insight into the content that you’re creating and sharing. You can view metrics on all published Pins from up to the last year and a half and sort by things like Content type, Format, and Source.

Understanding your Pinterest metrics is a vital part of making the most out of your Pinterest strategy. We’re going to dive into your top 3 Key Metrics below, and how to understand them.

Key Metrics

  • Impressions: Impressions show the views for all Pins with the same image and link to your claimed domain. (Analyzing your impressions will allow you to see which Pins are performing better than others.)  
  • Saves: Saves allow you to see the number of times a specific Pin has been ‘saved’ by others as well as when a user on the platform “re-shares” or “re-Pins” content that has been created. 
  • Clicks: With link clicks, you can view the total number of times people on Pinterest have clicked through to the URL on your Pins. 

Importance of a Business Account on Pinterest 

Apart from Impressions, Saves, and Clicks, you can unlock more insights by switching over to a Business Account on Pinterest. This can be a huge help in your growth and overall strategy, so we highly recommend it! Here’s why:

With a Pinterest Business Profile, you’ll be able to dive deeper into your analytics. Not only will you be able to view impressions, saves, and clicks, but you’ll also have additional metric insights into the following: Your Audience, Detailed Content Data, and Board Overviews. With Audience metrics, you’ll be able to see your total and engaged audience. With Detailed Content Data you’ll be able to see a detailed view on your Pins when it comes to impressions, saves, and clicks. And, with your Board Overview, you’ll be able to analyze your boards, view all-time Pins, and view all-time followers. 

Pin Planner Browser Extension

One last feature we want to mention is PLANOLY Uploader, a browser extension for Pin Planner. PLANOLY Uploader is a great tool if you’re browsing online and want to reshare an image or product on Pinterest on Pinterest. You can also easily swap out the Pin URL with affiliate tracking or a referral link to drive even more traffic to brands and products you love or promote. PLANOLY Uploader makes using Pin Planner even easier by meeting you where you are online. You can download PLANOLY Uploader for Chrome or Safari. Find out more here

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