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When's the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

The question we get most often from our users is “when is it the best time to post on Instagram?” Normally, we say, we have a built-in feature to help you with that! But today, we’re lifting the curtains for everyone around the globe to share the best time to post your photos and videos on your Instagram feed to get the most engagement in cities with the most PLANOLY users. 

We sat down and analyzed thousands of anonymized posts made by Instagram users on PLANOLY.  Factoring in likes, comments, saves, and followers, we were able to find the best time for you to post your Instagram content for every day of the week. 

If your brand or business is trying to reach new audiences in other cities, you can test new times for your content optimized for their time zone. Scroll through the best time to post for our top cities – it may surprise you!


 Knowing the best time to post on Instagram can help you reach new audiences and make sure you can get the most out of everything you post. Maybe you’ve found that certain posts work best on weekends as opposed to weeknights? Knowing the best time to post each day of the week will give you the edge that you need to engage your audience at the exact time they’re checking Instagram. 

Wish you could pinpoint when your own followers are most active? Use the best times to post feature on PLANOLY when scheduling your content. This feature is available to all premium PLANOLY users.

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Tareen Alam

Tareen Alam is the Senior Manager, Content & Channels at PLANOLY. She is always thinking up creative ways to help brands stand out and grow their audience.

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