Quiet luxury

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A lifestyle that subdued and elegant. Not showing great displays of wealth. It's also referred to as "stealth wealth."

"Sofia Richie gives off quiet luxury vibes."

History and usage

"Quiet luxury" emerged in 2023 and represents a shift in the perception of luxury and lifestyle.

The term gained traction more recently, reflecting a cultural shift towards appreciating a more reserved and sophisticated form of luxury. Instead of flashy and conspicuous consumption, "quiet luxury" emphasizes a refined aesthetic, attention to detail, and a focus on quality over quantity. This shift came from a desire for more authenticity and a rejection of overt materialism.

Social media platforms, particularly Instagram, played a significant role in popularizing the idea of "quiet luxury." Influencers and tastemakers began showcasing lifestyles that emphasize simplicity, timeless elegance, and a curated sense of taste. The term is often associated with experiences, products, or designs that exude sophistication without being overtly opulent.