Do it for the plot

To take a chance even if it has consequences

"People shouldn't have gone to the Fyre Festival but they did it for the plot."

History and usage

The social media slang phrase "do it for the plot" emerged as a playful and often tongue-in-cheek response to various forms of media content, particularly in visual mediums like movies, TV shows, and video games. Originally, the phrase was used to humorously justify one's interest or engagement with a piece of media by emphasizing the importance of the storyline or plot rather than other elements such as action sequences, special effects, or attractive actors. The history of "do it for the plot" can be traced back to online communities and forums where users would share memes, gifs, and discussions about their favorite media content. Over time, the phrase gained traction and became a common expression used across social media platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit.

The phrase's rise in popularity coincided with the proliferation of internet culture and the emergence of memes and viral content as integral parts of online discourse. "Do it for the plot" became a versatile catchphrase that could be applied to various contexts, from sharing recommendations for movies or TV shows to teasing friends about their preferences in entertainment. Additionally, the phrase evolved to justify taking a chance on something even if there are negative consequences.

Furthermore, "do it for the plot" often serves as a humorous nod to the inherent absurdity or clichés present in certain types of media, highlighting the enjoyment derived from engaging with entertaining narratives regardless of their quality or artistic merit. As social media continues to shape and influence popular culture, the phrase "do it for the plot" remains a lighthearted reminder of the power of storytelling and the diverse ways in which people consume and interact with media content in the digital age.