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The Top Social Media Management Tools of 2023

The social media management space is full of exciting innovations and tools designed specifically for brands and creators to simplify their content creation and content planning process. These tools make managing one or multiple social channels accessible.

At PLANOLY, we know that planning, organizing, and creating content for multi-channel content strategies is sometimes overwhelming and time consuming. That’s why we’ve researched and curated the top 10 social media management and editing tools you can use to develop a streamlined social content planning process. Let’s get started!

Top 10 Social Media Management and Content Editing Tools

#1 PLANOLY for creators, solo entrepreneurs, and social media consultants to plan multi-channel content strategies at home or on the go!

Social media management and content strategy is what we know. PLANOLY is a powerful social media management tool that allows you to manage multiple social media accounts in one place. Beyond the content management services offered at both a free and paid level, PLANOLY is a content creator and brand’s best friend when it comes to content inspiration and social media education. Users have access to weekly trending video content ideas, a monthly content subscription service that includes 30 customizable Canva templates, complete with caption starters and hashtag recommendations. Plus, free social media guides and product tutorials.

#2 Loomly helps large teams manage multiple accounts organized!

Loomly is a social media management platform that helps collaborating teams keep social media content organized. The service offers post ideas and optimization tips and also provides content mockups so you can see your content before publishing. Unlike PLANOLY, Loomly does not offer a free version and prices start at more than double.

#3 Sendible for agencies managing multiple brands!

One of the key features of Sendible is the ability to set up different dashboards for individual clients, making this useful for agencies managing multiple brands. The white label social media dashboards for agencies to share with clients is said to help reinforce the agency’s trust with clients. However, it does come at a lofty monthly price which may not fit every budget. Sendible’s robust dashboard supports post scheduling and content analysis.

#4 Sellit for your link in bio solution!

PLANOLY’s social linking tool helps you transform your link in bio to create a shoppable grid or redirect traffic where you want it most. Not only is your Sellit link shareable, but it’s guaranteed to drive sales and traffic, better monetize your content, and promote partnerships and collaborations.

#5 CapCut for video editing, trending video templates, and movie making!

A free all-in-one video editor app helps you make trending-worthy videos in no time. Some of the exciting features of this tool include background removal, video sizing, as well as a sticker, effects, filters and music library to enhance your videos. This tool allows you to edit videos right from your phone and directly share on social media.

#6 Adobe Lightroom for photo organization and processing!

Almost everyone knows what Adobe Photoshop is. In fact, people use the name Photoshop as a catchall for editing and enhancing photos- “Make sure to Photoshop me.” There’s another player in the photo editing world and that’s Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom is designed to manage and process countless photos on your computer. It offers basic photo editing and efficiently organizes photos. Photoshop is still the preferred tool for more extensive image editing and manipulation.  

#7 Canva makes social media content designs FTW!

Many social media managers already know about Canva as it has been around for many years and makes designing graphics for digital and print a breeze. Not sure where to even get started with your next social meme or team presentation? Canva has thousands of customizable templates, images, fonts, and animations to choose from. Another great feature about Canva is teams can use it and make comments on works in progress.

PLANOLY Pro Tip: You can actually upload your Canva designs directly into the Instagram planning workspace in PLANOLY.

#8 Adobe Express for your inner graphic designer!

Expertise use of the Adobe Creative Suite can take years of learning and practice. Thankfully for people without a graphic design background, Adobe has a free program that delivers InDesign quality work without needing to understand how to use it. Formerly called Adobe Spark, Adobe Express has free customizable templates for every skill level.

#9  Pexels for free high-quality photos and videos you can use anywhere!

Free photos not restricted by copyright sounds too good to be true, but it’s for real! All photos and videos on the site are free to use. While you don’t have to provide photo attribution, the site says it is always appreciated. What’s more, you can modify the photos and videos you download from the site, making sure nothing stands in the way of your creativity. Do make sure to read the full list of rules because there are a few things you can’t do with Pexels download like using them as is without making any modification and selling them.

PLANOLY Pro-Tip: With PLANOLY you can access Pexels and Unsplash imagery using PLANOLY’s Discover tab in the Instagram planning space.

#10 Pixabay for even more free photos and videos!

Having the perfect image for your social media post is key. So, make sure to bookmark more than one free photo site in case you can’t find exactly what you are looking for in one place. Similar to Pexels, there are some things you can and can’t do with the free downloads, so read the content license summary before downloading any media.


There you have it - 10 powerful tools to help you with all of your social media management needs. Take your editing, content creation, and content management to new heights with any one of these tools.

Plus, don’t forget to check out our multi-channel workspace built to simplify content planning for multiple channels. With multi-channel workspace you can auto-post, plan, customize, schedule, and preview your social content for up to 7 channels in one centralized planning view.

Try PLANOLY with our 7 day free trial and start planning your content strategies in the multi-channel workspace!

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