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How to Optimize Your Pinterest Profile & Grow Your Audience

Pinterest is one powerful visual inspiration platform used by more than 400 million people worldwide to shop products personalized to their taste, find ideas to try, and discover the most inspiring creators. While some businesses have often overlooked Pinterest as an effective marketing tool, more and more brands are making it a bigger part of their social media strategy as they want to position their products in healthy, safe, and positive environments online. People use Pinterest for inspiration. Whether it’s for a new haircut, at-home workout, or their next go-to weeknight dinner recipe, Pinterest describes itself as a peaceful place that provides users with an easy way to find what they love for themselves. And it’s one of the best ways for brands to connect with potential customers and reach them while they are deciding what to do or buy next

The key to growing your audience, expanding your reach, and generating sales is setting up your Pinterest profile to incorporate valuable content for your audience. Using specific and robust keywords will help Pinners discover your brand quicker. Let’s see how to get started!

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Set Up Your Pinterest Profile

First, you need to create a business account, which is free to do. Starting a business account gives you access to insights into your performance and ways to display your brand with a profile header, description, highlights, and more. 

You can create your business account from scratch or convert your existing personal account– whichever is easiest for you. The Pinterest business account gives you all the tools you need to set up a strong presence on the platform, build an audience and increase your reach and sales. Other tips include:

  • Show your company name at the top of your profile to build brand awareness. 
  • Access to the latest search trends of your audience.
  • Opportunity to apply to be a verified merchant (blue checkmark) and show that you are a trusted brand. 
  • Ability to get creative with campaigns or contests to boost audience engagement. 
  • Access to Pinterest Analytics to get to know your target group and their needs.

Follow these simple steps to create a new Pinterest business account:

Step 1: Head to Pinterest and click “Sign up” in the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Click “Create a business account.”

Step 3: Enter your email, choose a password, enter your age, then click “Create account.” 

Step 4: Fill out the fields to “Build your profile,” then click “Next.” 

Step 5: Fill out the fields to “Describe your business,” then click “Next.” 

Step 6: Choose whether or not you want to run ads, then click the “X” to get started with your new business account. 

PLANOLY Pro-Tip: Once you've set up your Pinterest business account connect it to PLANOLY's Pin Planner to help you better curate, plan, and schedule your Pinterest content. 
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Follow these 6 Pinterest Profile Best Practices

#1 Add Business Details to Your Profile

Once you set up your account, it’s time to fill in your business details. Pinterest bios are limited to 160 characters, so spend some time thinking up an attractive, concise biog that shows users exactly who you are and what value you offer them. Make sure your profile viewers can quickly become customers just from the info on your profile. 

#2 Optimize Your Pinterest Profile for SEO

To increase your profile’s discoverability, make sure your profile name and handle are consistent across all your social platforms. Make a list of your brand’s top keywords and phrases and include them in your bio. 

#3 Add Your Website Domain and Verify It

Claiming your domain on Pinterest unlocks additional Pin analytics. It also adds your profile photo next to any Pins that come from your site and a “Follow” button for your Pinterest account. Verified domains will also get checkmarks next to the URL on your profile. And be sure to link your other social media accounts to it.

#4 Optimize Your Profile Picture, Pins, and Boards

When selecting your profile image, include keywords in the filename. You can also optimize your Pinterest boards according to what keywords you’re targeting. Simply create a board for each applicable keyword and add Pins accordingly. 

#5 Adjust Profile Settings 

Lastly, head to the profile settings and make sure your profile is visible to search engines. This helps potential followers find your content when searching for relevant keywords in other search engines.

#6 Use Video on Pinterest 

Video is one of the best ways to engage your audience and make an idea more actionable on Pinterest.To add video content to your Pinterest strategy, try Idea Pins. Idea Pins are discoverable everywhere on Pinterest and are an easy way to gather inspiration for your content. Edit your Idea Pins all in-app and incorporate popular audio, stickers, and tagging features. 

Why SEO Is Key on Pinterest 

Pinterest is a unique social media platform because it doubles as a search engine. Users head to Pinterest when looking for inspiration, ideas, and products to buy. Research shows that  80% of weekly Pinners discover new brands or products on Pinterest.  The platform’s purchase power is massive, and SEO is one way to harness it. 

The “search-engine-esque” nature of Pinterest means all the traditional web SEO principles you’re familiar with apply on Pinterest too. Whatever you’re doing to get your website ranking on Google can also help your Pins rank. 

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How to Conduct Keyword Research on Pinterest

Pinterest has a built-in guided search function designed to help users narrow their focus and find the most relevant possible results. Start by searching your target keyword, then check out the related terms that auto-populate below the search bar. 

You can also explore the categories Pinterest has in place within your niche. These will appear in colorful bubbles at the top of the search results. Investigating what keywords are performing well within these categories is a great way to brainstorm content and keyword ideas.

Here are some additional tips for mastering SEO on Pinterest: 

  • Stake out the competition to see what strategies work for Pins in your niche. 
  • Create a Pinterest keyword strategy and optimize all photos and Pin descriptions accordingly.
  • Keep up with analytics to tweak your Pinterest keyword strategy as you create new content. 
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