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Using PLANOLY's Plan Report Tool for Instagram Content Approvals

As content creators and social media managers, we're always looking for ways to create a better workflow and streamline content scheduling and approvals. This is why our PLANOLY plan report feature is such a game-changer. We've added this feature to our arsenal of tools so you can easily share Instagram post drafts with your clients, co-workers, or boss. It's an answered prayer for social media managers and agencies alike, and we're so excited you're ready to add it to your social media marketing process! Let's dive in to see how you can use this feature to improve your content planning to simplify approvals, scheduling, and bring peace of mind!

How To Use PLANOLY Plan Report

Step 1

Plan report is only available on the desktop version of PLANOLY, so you'll need to be on a computer to access it. Start by signing into your account on Once you're logged in, you can access PLANOLY's plan report in the PLAN tab. It is located above your story bar and to the left of "ADD TO GRID." The plan report feature's icon is an image of a clipboard with an arrow. Click on it to go to plan report.

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Step 2

Once you've landed on the PLANOLY plan report, you'll have a few different viewing options. You can filter between a content view of posts that are unscheduled, scheduled, or both. The 'unscheduled' display option will show you all of the uploaded media on your grid that is currently not scheduled; the 'scheduled' option will show you all of the media that you've scheduled to post, and the 'both' option will show you both scheduled and unscheduled content. Switch between these views to generate different reports for you and your team based on what you want to share with your clients or team.

Step 3

Now here's the best part: sharing your PLANOLY plan report with your team! This feature lets you quickly and effortlessly structure your plan of action for the week by giving your clients or team a quick snapshot or preview of your Instagram content. For example, you can share scheduled posts with a client so that they have the opportunity to review and approve visuals and caption copy before they go live.

There are two ways to share your plan report link:

  • Copy the link. Select either unscheduled, scheduled, or both and then click on GET LINK on the top right in plan report. This copies a shareable link directly to your clipboard that will last for 7 days. You'll know it's saved to your clipboard because you'll see a 'Link Copied' message pop up! Paste this link anywhere a link can be inserted like in an email or text message.
  • Email it out! The other option is to click on EMAIL. Clicking on this option will automatically open an EMAIL PLAN REPORT view. Within this view, you can enter the desired email or email addresses of your recipients, and check or uncheck the box to send all filtered media. Click SEND to email it out!


Your PLANOLY plan report will re-adjust itself as you go, based on what you have scheduled or posted throughout your content calendar. If there are changes to images or copy after you copy the link, you'll have to re-share the report with your team. You'll find this feature to be incredibly helpful whenever it comes to creating a great line of communication with your team and clients. The benefits of being able to share your upcoming posts and ideas without having to add them as team members, give them login information, or screenshotting your posts make content planning effortless.

Start sharing your Instagram content plan using the PLANOLY plan report now! Planning made even easier with PLANOLY's plan report feature.

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