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How to Get More Views on Instagram Using Reels

If you are like the many brands and accounts that have been noticing lower engagement on your static Instagram posts than usual, you might be asking yourself what to do about this. The truth is, Instagram Reels are outperforming the static content on social media because video is the source of engagement on Instagram these days. And if you want to increase your engagement, you are going to have to consider incorporating video into your content plan.

In this article, we will look at not only why video performs so well on social media, we will also explore Reels and how to get more views on Instagram using them.

Why Video Content Has More Engagement

For starters, let’s explore why videos are receiving the most engagement on Instagram. Instagram began as a photo sharing app, so it seems a bit odd to think that photos are no longer performing as well as videos on the app. This is partly because the Instagram algorithm is solely based on engagement, meaning users drive the content. When users engage with videos, they are more likely to be prioritized in the algorithm. hence why video content is what you’re seeing most days. Instagram has taken notice of this and is making a push towards prioritizing video in feeds.

Another reason you are likely seeing more video is because more people are creating more videos! Earlier in the year, Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, said, "Video is driving an immense amount of growth online for all major platforms." As of June 2022, 68% of people surveyed said they plan to increase their video usage on Instagram over the next year.

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What’s So Special About Videos?

While a picture is worth a thousand words, video is worth much more. Video allows people to convey a lot of information in a few short seconds. They can also convey a brand’s personality without the need for a big production. And last, but not least, video can be more relatable than an overly styled, filtered photo. People want to connect! Speaking of connecting, let’s talk about the social media metric, reach.

Reach is defined as the total number of people that see a social media post. When your content captures attention and is shared, it reaches more people. This is another reason why video is performing so well – it is reaching more people! Why is this?

Video motion catches the eye and can draw someone in quickly. Additionally, videos can be made almost anywhere, anytime, and are thus a more consistent post type. Sure, photos can be taken anytime and anywhere as well, but it’s a little more difficult to make every setting interesting. A video on the other hand is more concerned with the character in it and not as much about the setting. For example, a photo taken in an alley of a dumpster is not likely to grab attention. A video of a person in an alley doing something on or around a dumpster will make people stop and watch. They want to know what is going on.

By now, you can see that if you are using social media for more than fun with friends and family, you have no choice but to incorporate some video into the mix! Here are some tips to help you create Reels that are likely to get you more views on Instagram.

REELS TIPS – How to Get More Views

Reels are different than Stories in that they last forever, or if you were to delete them. The content created should be fun and have a long shelf life. In this previous article, we provided you with video guidelines for recording social media videos. We also got technical with video quality in this previous article.  Now, we will get the creativity flowing with some proven content ideas.

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If you are still asking if you really need to create video to make it on Instagram, you are not alone in your reluctance. Recently, many users have asked Instagram to just be Instagram again- a photo sharing app. And while Instagram may have pulled off the “video gas” a little, it’s very clear that video is here to stay; there’s room for both photos and videos on social media. So, rather than fight the trend, look at embracing it and still having fun!

Static content is still relevant and shouldn’t be completely replaced by video. For example, carousel posts or memes are still high-performing posts and garner good engagement. Carousel posts allow you to create a sequenced narrative showing up to 10 multiple screens/photos. In a way, it is like a video with the use of static content.

Memes are images with text and are usually funny. You can share memes already created or make your own using a program like Canva. Memes are popular because they are quick and easy to view, generate an instant reaction (usually a laugh) and highly shared.

So, there you have it! Video may be hot, but static posts are still relevant and an important part of your social media content strategy!

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