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What is LinkedIn Creator Mode and How to Use It

LinkedIn Creator Mode is a feature on the LinkedIn platform that allows users to optimize their profiles for content creation and audience engagement. Here's a brief overview of what LinkedIn Creator Mode entails:

#1 Visibility:

When you activate Creator Mode, your profile is optimized for content visibility. Your LinkedIn profile picture and headline are moved to the center of your profile, making it easier for visitors to see your content and engage with it.


Creator Mode encourages users to follow you rather than connect. This means that people interested in your content can follow you without the need for a formal LinkedIn connection. This can help you build a broader and more engaged audience.

#3 Content Suggestions:

LinkedIn Creator Mode provides you with content suggestions based on trending topics and discussions in your industry. This feature can be helpful for users who are looking for inspiration or want to stay relevant in their content creation.

#4 Customized Connection Requests:

With Creator Mode, you can send personalized connection requests to people who view your profile. This can be a way to establish connections with professionals who are interested in your content or industry.

#5 Featured and Activity Sections:

Your featured and activity sections are more prominently displayed in Creator Mode. This allows you to showcase your best work, whether it's articles, posts, or other types of content. This can help visitors quickly understand your expertise and interests.

#6 Notifications:

With Creator Mode, you may receive notifications when people engage with your content. This can include likes, comments, and shares, helping you stay informed about the impact of your posts.

#7 Creator Badges:

LinkedIn Creator Mode provides users with a "Creator" badge on their profile. This badge signals to others that you are an active content creator on the platform, potentially attracting more followers who are interested in your insights.

By activating Creator Mode, LinkedIn aims to make it easier for users to showcase their expertise, connect with a broader audience, and stay informed about the performance of their content. It's particularly beneficial for individuals who want to establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective industries.

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