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How to Spend Less Time Managing Social Content

Over 200 million people consider themselves Content Creators. Of these 200 million, about ⅔ say that being a creator is a side hustle. There’s one thing we know for sure about Content Creators at PLANOLY - they are pro-hustlers. While the hustle never stops, here at PLANOLY our mission is to empower creators to escape their 9 to 5 by building tools that make it easier to focus on your business and less time scheduling content. Let’s dive into some of our game-changing features that are here to help you spend less time managing social content and more time creating and growing your business.

Here’s What We’ll Cover

  • Auto-Post to Every Channel
  • Manage Ideas & Hashtags
  • Collaborate

Auto-Post to Every Channel

Creating a consistent presence on social is a huge way to grow your brand. On PLANOLY, creators who posted weekly for 3 months straight TRIPLED their followers. We’re here to tell you that creating a consistent presence doesn’t mean you have to be on social media all day. With PLANOLY, you can auto-post to EVERY social channel. That’s right - auto-post to TikTok, Instagram, YouTube (including Shorts!), Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn & Pinterest.

In our multi-channel workspace, you’ll be able to visually plan and schedule content for all of these channels in a single view. This makes it really easy to repurpose content. Some videos may do great on one channel and get little engagement on another, so it’s always best to share across channels where it makes sense. Plus, in PLANOLY you can customize your caption & hashtags by channel. Work smarter, not harder by creating a social presence across every social channel.

Manage Ideas & Hashtags

There’s a lot that goes into content creation, and a lot of this happens before the content is actually ready to schedule. PLANOLY has the tools to help you actually build your social strategy. With the Ideas Manager, you can save notes, videos, links & sound URLs to refer back to when you’re ready to plan. You can even create folders in the Ideas Manager, so you can organize content by pillar, seasonal campaign & more.

Similarly, the Hashtag Manager is a great way to put all of your hashtags in one place. Creators spend time researching hashtags to find what’s relevant to their niche, what’s trending & what does well on each social platform. Now, you can manage all of those hashtags in PLANOLY. Plus, easily copy and paste them into your captions when you’re scheduling.


Another great thing about PLANOLY is that you can actually plan with your team, clients, or partners all in one place. Simply “invite” a team member to your PLANOLY account. These team members can upload content, draft captions or even just review upcoming posts for approval.

We’re so excited about all of our creator-friendly features and can’t wait for you to check them out. Auto-posting to every channel is a game-changer. Plus, being able to do more than just schedule in PLANOLY can eliminate other tools you might be using to manage your social strategy. Try PLANOLY free for 7 days to see why creators are raving about it.

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