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Instagram Marketing Strategy Accounts & Resources to Follow

They say that with great change comes great opportunity. If that’s the case, there are ALWAYS great opportunities brewing to grow your brand or business on Instagram. From new features such as limited Instagram stories and reel templates to an ever-evolving algorithm, Instagram is constantly adapting to keep up with our changing interests and behaviors - and as a result, your Instagram marketing strategy has to constantly evolve with it. It may feel difficult to keep up, but GOOD NEWS: it doesn't have to be if you know the right Instagram experts and accounts to follow. 

In this blog post, we're sharing the ultimate list of accounts you should be following to stay in the know about all things Instagram so you can nurture and grow your audience with timely, engaging, and relevant content. Keep your phone handy and get ready for a following spree, because these accounts are your ticket to nailing your Instagram marketing strategy in 2023 & beyond.


These Instagram accounts should be considered your go-to source of truth for finding accurate, timely information about what changes are happening to Instagram, what trends are dominating, algorithm updates, and more.

Adam Mosseri  - @mosseri

When it comes to staying in the know about Instagram, who better to follow than the head of Instagram himself, Adam Mosseri? Since 2020, Adam Mosseri has been using his personal Instagram account to share updates about what the Instagram team is working on behind-the-scenes, new features they plan to roll out, and other changes coming to Instagram. The best source for Instagram news is the man making the decisions himself, so following Mosseri is a must for any savvy social media manager, business owner, or content creator who wants an inside source to stay in the know so new updates won't come as a surprise.

The Instagram Creators Account - @creators

@creators is Instagram's official page for, you guessed it, creators. The great thing about Instagram's @creators account is that it's as much of a community as it is a platform for the best 101 tutorials on how to leverage new Instagram features. Think of it as Instagram's very own newswire. On top of that, the @creators account does a great job of spotlighting diverse, trend-setting creators who share their top tips for powering up your Instagram marketing strategy.

Instagram for Business Account - @instagramforbusiness

Curious about how to leverage Instagram to boost sales for your business? Look no further than Instagram's official account for businesses where the platform shares tips and best practices specifically with business owners in mind.


These are the thought leaders and experts you need to know whose accounts are prime examples of showing up authentically and creating a unique voice to position your brand as a thought leader on social media.

Peyton Dix - @peytondix

Peyton Dix is a social media expert, creative director, and the Global Social Director of MAC Cosmetics. She's a social media veteran in her own right who has also led the social media strategy for Paper Magazine. When it comes to Instagram marketing strategy, Peyton is your go-to gal for a show & tell lesson on understanding how to build a brand on social that is authentic and relatable, yet authority-driven.

Manu - @yoursocialteam 

Funny and unfiltered yet highly knowledgable, Manu is an Instagram expert who offers mindful Instagram advice for small business owners as well as the best Instagram templates to help you create engaging content that converts for carousels, reels, and even caption templates. Follow her for a constant reminder not to overthink what you post or for a funny reel idea to try that just might go viral.

Laurise McMillian - @lauriseirl

Laurise is a Content Strategist at Meta, one of the original creators of Refinery 29's @r29unbothered Instagram page, and the host of Social Skills, a social media video series where she interviews some of the leading strategists behind the world's biggest Instagram and Facebook accounts. She's seen it all and done it all when it comes to creating engaging, culture-driven content for social media.  

Donye Taylor - @donyetaylor

Donye Taylor is a Content Strategist and the Director of Creative Initiatives at Fohr. For content creators, she's an invaluable source of knowledge about building a brand that centers on your true authenticity.

Natasha - @shinewithnatasha

Natasha is THE go-to expert when it comes to growing your business and brand on Instagram using the power of video content. Follow her for tips, tricks, and tools about leveraging video content in your Instagram marketing strategy to scale.


Staying informed about what's happening in pop culture, entertainment, politics, and world news is an essential part of any successful social media strategy because it's the key to creating relevant content by joining conversations your audience is already having. To keep your content fresh, relevant, and timely, follow these pop culture, news, and meme accounts.

@workinsocialtheysaid - For the most hilarious and relatable memes about the trials and tribulations of being a social media manager.

@girlboss - For inspiration on how to turn celebrity pop culture trends into memes that are relevant to your audience.

@thecut - For celebrity news and no shortage of perfectly meme-able celebrity images 

@adweek - For breaking news and trends in media, marketing, advertising, and technology.

@vice - For interesting and intriguing stories that may inspire your next brilliant post idea. 

Be sure to follow these pages to stay informed and inspired to build your successful Instagram marketing strategy.

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Gabriella Layne-Avery

Gabriella Layne-Avery is a Content Strategist, Creative Director, and the founder of the content marketing agency Strut Communications. Known for coining the term ‘sustainable social media,’ she believes it’s 100% possible for small business owners to leverage social media to cultivate engaged, loyal communities for their brands without spending 24/7 doing so.

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