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How to Use PLANOLY Without Linking Your Instagram Account

This new sign up option is perfect if you want to test out PLANOLY without signing in to your Instagram account, as it allows new signups to use PLANOLY without linking their Instagram account! Users can upload content to visualize their grid and test out the app before deciding to link an Instagram account with PLANOLY. See more details about this new feature and how to use it below. This feature is available on PLANOLY's web dashboard, iOS, and Android - upon signing up, you can choose the option to 'Use Without Linking' in order to defer linking an Instagram account.

How to Set It Up

  1. Go to the PLANOLY website on your desktop, or download the app on iOS or Android to sign up.
  2. Type in your information to create a new account, and click on 'Sign Up Now'.
  3. Upon signing up, choose the 'Use Without Linking' option to defer linking an Instagram account.
  4. You can then upload content and drag-and-drop your content to visualize your grid and test out the app!
  5. If you decide to link your Instagram, there is an option to do so by clicking 'Link Instagram' in the top menu bar.


  • You will not be able to use analyze, business profile search, comments, or auto post until you link an Instagram account.

*Planoly Tip - This feature is only available for new sign-ups and not previously existing accounts.

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