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How to Use CapCut Templates and Trends

Familiar with CapCut yet? Well, you should be! CapCut Templates are relatively new as far as video trends and video content ideas go, but they've been making waves on TikTok with their hilarious images and audio. Since CapCut templates are newish to Instagram and TikTok and are constantly trending on your video feeds, you must familiarize yourself to spark content inspiration and stay relevant to popular video trends.  

This social media guide gives you the rundown on CapCut templates. You'll learn to identify when templates are trending, when to use and incorporate them into your content strategy, and more!

What is CapCut?

CapCut, like Lemon8, is a sister app to TikTok. It's an all-in-one video editing tool built to simplify the editing process using AI-automated tools. It's best used for editing short-form videos but can also be used to edit longer-form content like YouTube videos that are 10 to 15 minutes long. However, since TikTok owns CapCut, it integrates seamlessly with TikTok — giving TikTok creators an advantage over other platforms.

How CapCut Got Popular

Even though CapCut launched in 2020, it gained traction in the US at the end of 2022 when CapCut templates and complimenting sounds began to trend all over TikTok For You Pages' eventually making their way to Instagram and YouTube Shorts. Popular CapCut templates include Lisa Rinna's wackadoodle time template and sound, multiple Pedro Pascal filters, the aged filter, and many more! In addition to trending templates, it's an easy way to edit videos without manually syncing each cut to the trending audio — CapCut does it for you.

Who Uses CapCut

Many users use CapCut to edit their content. Plus, participate in the CapCut trends. For example, PLANOLY's social team uses CapCut templates quite often for their video content across platforms, and not only is it relatable and high-performing. Users often joke that their video content using trending CapCut templates gets more engagement than the content they spend more time on.

CapCut templates are for everyone. Whether you're a creator or brand, hopping on a trending CapCut template makes your content more relevant and relatable and is an easy way to stay posting consistently on TikTok — not to mention CapCut templates are easy to cross-post on your other channels and also experience the same type of engagement they do on TikTok.

Why You Should Use CapCut

#1 CapCut is Easy to Use
#2 New Trending Templates Almost Every Week
#3 You Can Cross-Post CapCut Templates

Where to Find CapCut Templates

#1 On Your TikTok FYP

Since CapCut is a sister app to TikTok, most trending CapCut trends start on TikTok. Start by scrolling TikTok, and if you see the same template or sound multiple times in your FYP with the CTA "made with CapCut," it's a sure indicator it's trending. All you have to do is tap the CTA, and it'll take you to the CapCut app, where you can easily find, access, and create your content using the CapCut templates.

#2 PLANOLY's Trending Content Ideas Feature

Every week, PLANOLY curates three trending video content ideas. Almost every week, it includes a trending CapCut template that you can easily apply to your content planning for that week. Here's how to access popular CapCut templates with PLANOLY.

How to Master Social Media Trends

Learn how to find and repurpose social media trends across every channel with our free downloadable, A Social Media Manager's Guide to Mastering Social Media Trends.

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