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Top Graphic Design Trends to Look out For in 2022

Now that our physical and digital lives are merged more than ever before, you can expect to see trends that evoke meaning, strength, and optimism come into play. Creatives are pushing the boundaries of design to create bold, expressive, and intentional visuals in an effort to resonate with their audience. We’re here to share with you what design trends we predict will be on top in 2022.

1 - Chaotic

#1 Chaotic Design

With the many restrictions in place during this time, it’s no wonder we’re seeing designers gravitate towards maximal design. Unlike minimalism, you can go over the top without restraint to create bold color combinations, competing patterns, and repeated elements with layers of design. It’s all about challenging yourself to piece together dense, intricate visuals with little or no room for white space. Don’t be afraid to put everything on display to create powerful, intentional experiences to capture your audience’s attention.

2 - 90s

#2 Nostalgic 90s

 In a bid to convey a sense of familiarity and comfort, many designers are embracing the nostalgic 90s. From old-school typography and lettering with vibrant colors and abstract shapes to simple emojis and primitive internet frames, designers are revisiting the 90s culture and incorporating these iconic design styles into their work. Take a look at PLANOLY Presents: Reels Resolution to see how our visuals were inspired by this design trend!

3 - 2D & 3D

#3 2D & 3D

While the ongoing 3D trend has no intention of fading out anytime soon, what we’ve been seeing more recently is the crossover between 2D and 3D. Designers are mashing up the world of 2D and 3D by combining flat illustrations and typography with 3D elements and characters. This creates an entirely new and exciting opportunity for designers to collaborate with different creatives to completely change the look and feel of their work. Check out how @adam_theillustator and @melissalikessushi combined their styles! 

4 - Inclusivity

#4 Inclusivity

In 2022, we expect to see inclusivity become a priority within design. Designers and companies are responding more than ever to the benefits of being inclusive, shifting to represent not only people of color, but highlighting differently-abled people, the LGBTQ+ community and people from all diverse walks of life. Companies, like Adobe, are seeking inclusive designers to join their team with the goal to “Chart a path to more equitable user experiences across race, gender, age, ability, and other forms of human difference.” We predict that this trend is only going to get bigger as acceptance and positivity continues to grow.

5 - Experimental Type

#5 Experimental Type

 This twist in typography is imperfectly captivating to look at. Designers are breaking the usual standards by creating funky and unexpected type that blurs the line between shapes and letters. Be prepared to be confronted with mismatched letters, playful shapes and lines with variable styling to create forms that are expressive and experimental. Molly Baz’s “Cook This Book” featured custom type laid out in unconventional ways to create visually “appetizing” designs that set it apart from the typical cookbook.  Start simple by turning a letter upside down or adjusting the size and get in on this trend!

2022 Design Trends-Infographic
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