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How to Get More Likes on TikTok

Getting likes on TikTok is an important element of success on the platform. Engagement on TikTok is unique in a lot of ways. The TikTok algorithm places more weight on account views, comments, and likes more than on who actually follows you. The more engagement you get, the more people see your videos on the For You Page (FYP). But here’s the kicker– if your video doesn’t get a little burst of engagement when first posted, TikTok won’t push your video to a wider audience– including to your own followers. Crazy, right? Don't worry, there are ways you can improve your TikTok video content performance. Follow along for our 5 favorite performance boosting TikTok strategies. Let's get started! 

TikTok For Your Page Explained

In case you’re new to TikTok, the For You Page (FYP) is kind of like if Instagram’s Discover page and YouTube’s home tab had a baby. This is the first place you go when you open the app, and it’s where users spend most of their time. 

The FYP is different for every user. It consists of viral videos that meet your interests, videos similar audiences interact with, videos from users you interact with often, and some videos from the accounts you follow. TikTok prioritizes discovering new, creative ideas over cultivating a close community. That’s one of the biggest differences between TikTok and Instagram, as Instagram’s goals all fall under the “connection” umbrella. 

Instagram’s main feed features posts from accounts you follow, with some suggested posts and ads relevant to your interests sprinkled in between. Instagram’s algorithm uses signals like how interested you may be in the content, the date the post was shared, previous interactions with the poster, and your favorites. 

TikTok’s FYP algorithm fills the FYP using signals like the video caption, sounds, trends, and hashtags used, how the user engages with their feed, and device and account settings. 

Both feeds provide the option to exclusively view content from users you follow. 

5 Ways to Get More Likes On TikTok

Getting likes and engagement on TikTok content should be a crucial pillar of your social media strategy. Here are five tips to help you get more likes on TikTok:

#1 Repost Your Old Videos.

TikTok videos have a short lifespan. Even the most valuable, entertaining videos can flop if they don’t get that initial engagement. Downloading old tiktok videos and reuploading them can give these videos a second chance. It can also breathe life into top performing videos whose brief moment of virality has expired. 

Remember to always use a watermark remover before you reupload videos from TikTok. The algorithm isn’t fond of watermarked content. 

Another tip– read through any comments the video did receive and check your analytics before reposting. Tweaking your hashtags, caption, and even the time and date you posted could make a big difference in your engagement the second time around. 

#2 Post Several Videos Using the Same Audio. 

Capitalizing on one sound can also help your video go viral. This doesn’t have to be a trending audio. Remember how the TikTok algorithm uses sounds and trends users interact as a ranking signal? So long as you use the same audio for several videos in a row, you can maximize the engagement you get from users who found your video because of their interest in that audio. 

#3 Link to Other Videos in Your Caption

This is a common tactic used for multiple TikToks in the same series. If creators say there is a part two, interested viewers go hunting for that second video in the comments (or by clicking over to the creator’s profile). 

You can also plug relevant videos in the comments on high-engagement videos. Think of it as inviting engaging users to spread the love across more of your content. 

#4 Post When Your Target Audience is Online.

An oldie but a goodie. If your target audience is asleep, at school, at work, etc., they won’t be around to engage. Because TikTok pushes content that gets an initial burst of engagement, posting when your TikTok audience is online is even more important than on other platforms. Instagram claims you will see every post from users you follow if you just keep scrolling, but TikTok makes no such claim. You might get served a freshly posted video one second and one from 2021 the next– it all comes down to how users are engaging with the post. 

So, how can you tell when your TikTok audience is online? The easiest way to do so is by using PLANOLY’s Best Time to Post feature. Manually, you can go into your TikTok analytics and examine a few metrics:

  • When your followers are online
  • Viewer demographics that impact schedules, like age and time zone
  • What time your high engagement videos were posted

#5 Practice Social Listening and Community Management.

The more you engage with your target audience, the better your brand awareness. Users are more likely to interact with your content once they’re familiar with your brand. The more you engage, the more comfortable users will feel engaging with your content. Use TikTok Search as a social listening tool to find conversations in your niche, then contribute something meaningful. Prioritize community management for your own comments to build a strong relationship with users who engage.

Get More Likes and More Followers On TikTok

That’s a wrap! Implement these tips as accompaniments to your OG TikTok strategy, and you’ll be raking in the likes in no time— but why stop there? Find out how to get more followers on TikTok here.

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