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How to Build a Brand Voice Using AI

The recipe for creating great content for social media is a mixture of captivating visuals, compelling copy, and creative storytelling. But your brand voice is the secret ingredient that makes them all work harmoniously.

Developing a brand voice might sound complicated, but it's as simple as its name. Your brand voice is quite literally the voice of your brand online, defined by how you communicate to, and as a result, make connections with, your audience. Your brand voice humanizes your brand by making it feel authentic and engaging while making your content unique amidst the millions of conversations constantly happening online.

Among the many other things AI can do, it can also be a great tool for building your brand voice and creating great social media content with consistent messaging. In this blog post, we will break down how to do both using tools like ChatGPT and Planoly's AI-powered Auto-Magic Captions.

How to Build a Brand Voice Using AI 

Your brand voice comprises three key factors: personality, perspective, and tone.

Your brand personality defines the way your brand relates to and engages with your audience. Ask yourself, if your brand was a person, what would they be like? What role would your brand play in the lives of your audience? Would your brand be the funny and relatable bestie, the wise and insightful teacher, or someone else?

Your brand perspective defines your brand beliefs, points of view and the unique value you provide to your audience. Ask yourself, how do you look at things differently than other brands in your industry, and how do you take a unique approach to doing things?

Your brand tone defines the technicalities of how you communicate. Ask yourself, is your brand more formal or casual? Do you use traditional grammar? What emotion do you want to convey?

If you want to build your brand voice using the help of AI, you need to provide it with this information to learn your brand. AI is a processor of information, so it needs lots of details and examples to analyze and pull from to generate accurate and quality responses.

Before using AI to create content, feed it information, such as adjectives that describe your brand personality, perspective, and tone. Also, provide examples or samples of existing content that aligns with your brand voice. You can also provide AI examples of famous public figures or fictional characters that are good examples of your brand's voice.

How to Keep Your Brand Voice Consistent With Your Content

Once you've gotten clear on your brand voice, you can look to AI tools like Planoly's Auto-Magic Caption Writer to help you apply it to your content.

Planoly's Auto-Magic Caption Writer, available with paid plans, is designed to offer instant inspiration and assistance for engaging posts while allowing you to customize and add an extra human touch to your content.

Here's a breakdown of how it works:

Step 1: Select 'New Post' in your Planoly workspace.

Step 2: Select the AI Caption Writer button

Step 3: The AI Caption Writer will prompt you to answer two questions:

What is your post about?

Who is your target audience?

You'll also see a question saying, 'This caption should sound like...' Below it, you'll find a series of preset brand personas created by PLANOLY. You can select one to help you craft captions in your brand voice. These brand personas include:

  • Your Bestie: A supportive and passionate cheerleader, this voice is your in-the-know best friend who's always got your back.
  • The CEO of Pop: As the resident pop culture expert, this voice is your chronically online trend curator and meme maker.
  • Your Fave Teacher: Smart, kind, empathetic, and more, this voice is everyone's favorite teacher when explaining big ideas to all sorts of people.
  • Artistic Vibes: Unapologetically authentic and inspired by the eclectic, this voice enhances your content without distracting from your aesthetic.
  • Corporate Slay: As a leader in your industry, this voice is polished and deeply knowledgeable, yet down-to-earth, just like you.
  • Quiet Luxury: Elegant and aspirational, this voice is an elevated minimalist with an understated cool factor.
  • Ken-Energy: A witty and confident storyteller, this voice's charisma is only matched by its infectious sense of humor.

Once you select a brand persona and press the 'Generation Caption' button, the AI Caption Writer will give you the option to shorten, lengthen, or rephrase this caption, as well as modify this caption to share across different social media channels.

Your brand voice is the heartbeat of your content. You can ensure that your brand voice is consistent across all of your content so you can keep your audience engaged by using AI tools like Planoly's Auto-Magic Caption Writer.

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