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5 Tips for Batch Filming

Creating video content requires a lot of time and brain space. You have to find a time when the filming gods align to provide a clean backdrop space, little unwanted background noise, and an appearance presentable enough to be immortalized on the internet. This is difficult enough to achieve once in a while. Creating these conditions multiple times a week (as is required for an effective short-form video strategy) is nearly impossible. Enter: batch filming.

What is Batch Filming?

Batch filming is a strategy where creators film multiple videos in one session, making the most of their filming setup for maximum productivity and efficiency. 

Switching gears is taxing on the human brain. It takes us a hot minute to enter the coveted “deep work” mode. Filming one short video then switching to editing then switching to posting makes getting into that ultra-focused state nearly impossible. 

Additionally, think about all the steps you have to take to switch from one task to the next. Create your filming setup, then take it down, upload your content, edit it, add a caption. This method wastes time opening and closing different apps, adjusting lighting, etc. If you only film, edit, and post one video, you are just getting one video out of however many minutes it took you to set up. 

Batch filming follows the same steps. The only difference is that you film multiple videos in one go. That way, you don’t have to repeat the 10 minutes it takes you to set up for every video you plan on posting.

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Batch Filming Benefits 

Save time

As mentioned before, batch filming is a huge time saver. You can film an entire month’s worth of videos (or even more) in one go. You can then edit them and schedule them out using the Reels Planner to maintain effortless consistency. 

Boost productivity 

Batch filming also boosts productivity by allowing you to focus solely on filming for the day. You won’t have to worry about uploading your footage, editing, or coming up with captions in between filming sessions.

Manage multiple accounts 

Managing multiple social media accounts is tough. It requires the constant shifting of strategies, voices, and even industries. By batch filming for one account at a time, you can keep your full focus on that brand’s voice and strategy. You’ll be able to create content that aligns with each brand’s stratege, saving time in the process. 

Content flexibility

The ability to schedule content ahead and create a calendar filled with videos ready to go is so underrated. Instagram has emphasized the importance of a consistent posting schedule numerous times. Scheduling allows you to maintain that consistency with ease, never having to toss up a last-minute video on a Sunday night and gives you the flexibility to move videos around as trends come and go. 

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Batch Filming Workflow

First, figure out how many videos you need in your calendar for the month. Once you know how many slots need filling, start brainstorming video ideas for each slot. 

Pull inspiration from your content buckets if you use them, and make sure to add in any trending topics you know will resonate this month. If you already follow the batching method for your other content, this step will fit seamlessly into your planning routine. Use our Calendar Notes feature to indicate what days you can film right in your Planoly dashboard.

Once you have a topic for each video, think about the actual video concept. Will you be filming it vlog style, following a trend, or doing a skit? Write down what trending sound and filter you’ll use for each video if you don’t plan on doing it vlog or voiceover style.

Next, you’re ready to film. If you like filming in the Instagram app, make sure to save your Reel to your camera roll in addition to saving it as a draft in Instagram. The drafts feature can get glitchy, so you’ll want to save a backup of your work just in case. 

If you plan on filming for all your videos and editing them later, then filming with your phone camera and uploading the footage to whatever video editor you use after is your best bet. 

Once all your videos are filmed, you can go ahead and edit them in one go or save that task for another day. Don’t forget to schedule your finished Reels to your content calendar using the Reels Planner or try our new video planner for TikTok! And if you're a paid account you can access our new trends feature that gives you the latest video trends to help you plan and create your video content all on PLANOLY. Here's how to access and learn more about our video planner for TikTok!

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