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10 Content Ideas to Post Using Auto-Post for TikTok

Auto-post for TikTok is a dream come true on so many levels, but that doesn’t mean you should be using it for every post. TikTok trends are super-sonic– you need to hop on them right away, or you’ll miss your chance. This is why we recommend using auto-post for evergreen content.

While trending content is ideal for finding new viewers, evergreen content cultivates your brand identity and helps you connect with your audience on a deeper, more authentic level. In this post, we are sharing 10 evergreen content ideas (with examples!) that you can add to your auto-post calendar right now, next month, or even next year.

#1 Go Behind the Scenes

We love a good “behind the scenes” moment. Let’s face it, humans are nosey by nature. Your audience wants to see what it takes to create the polished content and products they love.

In this example, we get a full tour of Vessi’s office dogs. Vessi’s social team also threw in a little comedy spice by acknowledging they are using the dogs for views.

Behind-the-scenes tour of Vessi office dogs:

And here, the same social media manager shares a clip about engaging with Vessi content on her personal social accounts. It’s giggle-worthy and especially relatable for anyone in social media management.

Behind-the-scenes, social media management edition:

#2 Show Your Products

Your products will shine with auto-post, no matter the current trend-scape.

Here, Vessi takes us on a tour of their shoes, each compared to a different Danny Devito. The combination of comedy and product features is *chef’s kiss*.

Products as [insert random, unrelated subject]:

In this example, E.L.F. shows off its brown mascara working its magic on a stunning Hijabi icon. I’ve never tried brown mascara, but this video did its job. Add. To. Cart.

Product in action:

@elfyeah you will not regret it 🐻🤎 Lash 'N Roll is available now in our tiktok shop #lashnrollmascara #brownmascara #elfcosmetics ♬ Drivin - Willow Avalon

#3 Share User-Generated Content

UGC is highly persuasive. Whenever you see a piece of content about your brand, tuck it into your calendar on auto-post.

UGC share and tag:

You can also react to UGC when appropriate. In this Vessi example, the founder reacts to the brand name being pronounced in a silly way.

Reacting to a piece of UGC:

#4 Vlogs

Vlog-style content is personal and evergreen, making it a great opportunity to connect deeply with your audience through auto-post. There are quite a few ways to go about this format:

For a day in the life, simply take your audience with you for the day (or just the hour).

Here, a small business owner vlogs trying out a Stardust Frappe. While her brand has nothing to do with Starbucks, it is named Stardust so this journey was relevant and entertaining.

Stardust Frappe Vlog:

Here’s a classic day in the life of a small business owner vlog:

Restocking the office snack bar:

Packing orders:

You can also work FAQs into vlog-style videos. Here, a small business owner answers questions about where they get their supplies:

Additionally, you could do vlog-style storytimes or Q&A sessions. This video style is super flexible.

#5 Post Educational Tutorials and Explainer Videos

Educational content related to your brand, products, etc. is never a bad idea.

Here, Vessi shows us the proper way to tie our shoes. I still use the bunny ear method and will not be converting after this video, but I appreciated the effort.

How to tie your shoes:

And here, UNICEF grants us some much-needed advice on how to do self-care.

How to do self-care:

Last example– this creator saves her audience from scary fines by sharing the basics on quarterly taxes.

#6 Solve a Common Problem

Your target audience has a unique set of problems that you’re equipped to solve. Those problems don’t ebb and flow according to the trends. Your audience will always be on the lookout for a life-changing solution.

Take this video where E.L.F. shows us how to rescue orange foundation, for example:

Or this slightly sillier take where they show us how to find their sold-out products in Target:

#7 Share some Comedy

Entertainment rules TikTok, and not all funny videos are trend-driven.

Here’s an example of Vessi sharing some wet-sock comedy:

And in this example, E.L.F. uses the irony of a toolset to showcase their power grip primer:

#8 Point of View Skits (POVs)

POVs are pretty much a standard TikTok video format these days. You can use them in a bunch of different ways. Vessi takes the comedy route, UNICEF shows young people advocating for climate change, and StarDust shows the POV of a recent customer.

Vessi testifies:

Young people supporting climate change at Unicef:

Stardust product POV:

#9 Create a Series

Shoutout to content buckets.

#10 Advocate for Your Target Audience

Last but not least, sharing content that advocates for human rights issues relevant to your target audience is a way to show you truly care about the community you create for. Here are a couple examples of UNICEF doing this well:

Pele quote supporting children worldwide:

Period poverty awareness:

That’s a wrap! As you can see, the evergreen content opportunities on TikTok are endless.

Now, start filling up your content calendar and get to auto-posting TikTok videos with PLANOLY.

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